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Fun Teen Bedroom Ideas That Are Still Practical

by Louise W. Rice

No parent likes to nag their kids about keeping the bedroom clean. The best way to avoid this is to find teen bedroom ideas laced with creativity and practicality.

Teens spend a lot of time in their bedrooms. It’s a space for sleeping, studying, hanging out with friends, watching movies, getting dressed, and just hanging out after a long day at school.

With all this in mind, it can be challenging to find teen bedroom ideas that tick all the boxes for fun and practical appeal at the same time. We will make this easy by covering the four fundamental teen bedroom essentials that everyone will love.

1. Mattress Size Matters

Growing teens need the best mattress to enable deep and supportive sleep. Not only should you find the best type of mattress, but mattress dimensions are also going to be critical as you never know when a growth spurt will strike.

A full-size mattress is the best for teens because it will fit the floor space with ease, and it’s big enough for sleepovers. Most modern teen bedroom decor layouts will position the mattress in the center of the room, leaving the perimeter for other teen bedroom furniture such as a desk and dresser.

When you have settled on an appropriate mattress size, also ensure the mattress you choose for your teen is hypoallergenic and stain-resistant. This will ensure it stays fresh year after year.

2. Integrate cool storage ideas

One of the main challenges of teen room decor is fitting everything in. Teens have a habit of accumulating a lot of stuff. From school books to sporting equipment and games for entertainment – finding a neat and tidy place to keep it all will make the layout fun and practical.

Many teen boy bedroom ideas feature foundation bed frames with ample storage space beneath for sporting gear and video games. Teen girl bedrooms integrate storage solutions with spacious nightstands and dressing tables with heaps of draws for clothes, jewelry, and books.

Cool teen bedroom ideas that integrate storage often feature floor to ceiling shelving, storing everything from books, pictures of friends, awards, and other mementos.

3. Best bedding ideas for teens

Quality bedding is just as important as the best mattress. Boy and girl teens tend to have different tastes and requirements when it comes to bedding.

Boys usually sleep hot and benefit from a cooling blanket that helps regulate the temperature throughout the night. On the other hand, girls often love the super-soft feel of faux fur blankets or faux fur throw blankets.

The right bedding will ensure your teens are sleeping well so they can wake up full of energy. For practicality, always check the labels of bedding and make sure it is machine washable.

4. Practical decoration ideas

Decorations and adornments are the final touches that will ensure your teen bedroom looks beautiful. There are literally thousands of options available.

Artwork, mirrors, wall hangings, piles of cushions, standing lampshades, vases, bean bags, floating shelves – these are all trendy decoration ideas that can work well for teen decor.

Teen girl bedroom decor tends to sway towards soft and modern finishings. Fluffy rugs and illuminated mirrors were stand out trends in 2020.

For the boys, industrial style teen decor was a hit this year with earthy and natural tones that exemplify boyish charm.

The key to teen decor is to ensure you don’t overcrowd the room. Ultimately, to keep things practical, less is more. Your teen’s decor taste will transition as they grow, so it’s best to leave somewhat of a blank canvas so they can let their personality shine.

As long as you get the essentials right, like the best mattress for quality sleep and proper storage, their room will come together with ease.

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