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How to Impress a Girl with First Date Flowers

by Louise W. Rice

A man has to bring flowers when going on a first date with a girl…Well, this is perhaps the only case when absolutely everyone agrees with this. A gentleman who respects himself and his chosen one will never go on a date with empty hands: a sweet bouquet will set the “right” tone. But what flowers to give a girl on a first date? Let’s try to figure it out.

First of all, you shouldn’t give huge bouquets on your first date. At the very least, it will look out of place, especially if you are going for a walk, then a bulky bouquet will certainly disturb you and attract the attention of others to your couple.


This is the most common option. This plant has long been considered a symbol of love. Roses look great. However, in this case, no gift paper is needed. On a first date, it’s best to give pink roses. They personify tenderness and beauty.

It even doesn’t matter who a girl is – a dentist, a teacher or a sportswoman (check out these hot female skiers you need to see), she will be definitely glad if you give her roses. These flowers are loved by everyone.


If your date is at the end of winter or spring, feel free to choose tulips. Beautiful fresh buds framed by lush greens look great. The flower symbolizes pure love and promises happiness. The only thing to consider is that RED tulips are not suitable for dating.


These simple but probably the most romantic flowers are so full of hope for a continuation of the relationship. These flowers are distinguished by sincerity and warmth, and a bright yellow core adds a bouquet of playfulness and unobtrusiveness.


These lush and fragrant flowers are the best suited for this occasion. Cleanliness, tenderness, beauty, youth – the lilac has absorbed all the best. Bouquets of lilacs of different colors look especially impressive. White, bright lilac and pink buds are perfectly combined with each other.


Many girls like these distant relatives of daisies. Multi-colored and bright, these flowers look unobtrusively, but at the same time, elegant. Even if you give one gerbera, it will be appropriate and pleasant.


A bouquet of tender eustomas will tell your chosen one about your serious intentions and your respect for the girl. These flowers will please and surprise.


This plant is a symbol of first love and childhood. If your loved one is as tender, spontaneous, and romantic as daisies, give them. The plant also symbolizes fidelity, sincerity, and reliability. You can rest assured that daisies are the best flowers on your first date for a girl.

Flowers of What Color to Choose

Going on the first date, don’t give bright red flowers as they symbolize passion. It is better to choose delicate pink and white colors. Roses, peonies, eustomas, lilacs, tulips – from them, you can always make a beautiful and “girlish” bouquet.

Blue, blue and lilac colors – it is also better to avoid them. Such bouquets are relevant for giving a girl to a girl.

Yellow and black – according to floral etiquette, these two colors symbolize sadness, longing, and parting, so they are more than inappropriate for a meeting.

The white color is neutral. Its meaning is interpreted simultaneously with the flower itself.

How Many Flowers to Give on a Date

One flower on a long stem will look very good – rose, chrysanthemum, gerbera, lily (roses and gerberas can be given with 3-5 stems). Also, in floristic language, the number of flowers in a bouquet matters:

  • 1 flower- love at first sight;
  • 3 flowers- I like you;
  • 13 flowers- a message from a secret admirer;
  • 21 flowers- devotion;
  • 33 flowers- a memory of romantic moments;
  • 101 flowers- eternal fidelity.

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