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Can You Earn a Living Doing the Things You Love to do?

by Louise W. Rice

For most people enjoying their job or career is more important than the amount of money they are earning. If you are not enjoying your job, then perhaps it is time to move on. Can you make a living doing the things you love to do? Read on and let’s break it down.

The first two points need to be clear

Happiness is not all about money

Studies show that happiness cannot be directly correlated to money.  There is a link but it appears that once a person reaches a certain amount of income, $75,000 yearly the link ends. For a lot of people, working at something they find enjoyable and fulfilling rates higher than money and may well lead to more success.    It is worth asking yourself a number of questions regarding your goals in life, your particular strengths and your dreams.

Perhaps it is time to focus on something you enjoy doing and possibly turn it into a way a career and a way of earning money. Are you searching for more than a fleeting visit and a chance to win some extra Vegas casino online real money?

Life is too short

We all recognize that life is fleeting.  None of us know what will be tomorrow.  But we spend a lot of our time in jobs and careers that don’t make us happy.  Much research has shown that those earning higher salaries do tend to be happy people, which does make sense.  Generally, these people enjoy their jobs.

There are a number of specific reasons why you should do what you love and some reasons why you should change the job that is making you unhappy.  There are also several questions you should ask yourself that will help to determine the path you should take in finding the career you will enjoy and love.

And then the reasons to do what you love

1. Life feels more meaningful

The job you do shouldn’t just be to earn money. It is important that you enjoy what you do. According to Philip Ryan, at Ipsos Strategy3, “As the lines between working life and personal life blur, a job is as much about personal fulfillment and growth as it is about a paycheck. He goes on to say, “People don’t want to make widgets; they want to change lives, including their own.”

And Masanari Arai, co-founder and CEO of Kii Corporation, agrees that “A job that you love … gives you extra motivation to meet your goals, and when you do, the sense of accomplishment is outstanding.”  This sense of accomplishment is something that will help in all areas of your life.

2. It will increase your productivity

If you are not enjoying your job, it will be difficult to excel at what you are doing.  Your performance and your productivity will likely suffer. If you love what you do, your productivity will be better.  Patrice Rise, CEO and founder of Patric& Associates, feels that “If you are passionate about your job, you are likely to take an active interest in learning every aspect of the business. This not only sets you on the path towards success, but it also helps you get through the daily grind.”

3. You will be an inspiration for those around you

Few people have the courage to follow their dreams and perhaps change course in order to do what they love. Following your dreams does come with risks, but would you discourage someone from doing what will make them happy?  Taking that step can be an inspiration to others.

Keli Coughlin, executive director of the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund, expressed her feelings thus: “As a woman who works, it is so important to be a role model for my young daughters. While there might be busy weeks that require more time at the office, my girls know that I love my job, that it’s meaningful to me, and that I am proud of the work.  It is my hope that, as my girls grow up, they are inspired to find a career that fulfills them and they are passionate about.”

4. You will be successful

Because you are engaged in something that you love, you will do your best work and will not need motivation because the work excites you.  “It makes it easier to get through the trials and tribulations of business ownership,” says Michael Phillips, founder and CEO of Coconut’s Fish Cafe, and “When you enjoy your job, it doesn’t feel like work.”

Amir Zonozi, president and co-founder of Zoomph, concurs and says, “When you love what you do, you are compelled to push against yourself.  You want to be where you are challenging yourself, competing with yourself in achieving your vision.”

Finally, The questions you should ask will help in taking the next step

1. Ask yourself what you wanted to be when you were a child?

It may feel irrelevant to go all the way back to those childhood dreams, but it could be that doing something connected to that may make you happy.  Spend some time thinking about that childhood dream job. Maybe you don’t want it now, but perhaps you’ll learn what drives you. Perhaps if you dreamt of working in the police force, you are driven by the need to help people or the need to see justice done.   Think about what motivates you and what your strengths are when looking for the right position.

2. What would those close to you say your strengths are?

People close to us often see parts of us that we might ignore or even not notice. It is worth asking those close to you what they consider are your strengths, and this would help you find the type of work that would suit your particular skills.   You may be surprised to learn what your family and friends consider your strengths.

3. Did you had a role model when you were growing up?

Thinking back to childhood again, who did you really look up to?  Think about why you idolized this person?  What qualities or skills did they possess? Do you share some of their abilities? Considering these things could really help you search for your ideal job.

4. Are there particular things that you really do not like doing?

Being aware of your weaknesses is as important as knowing your strengths.  Understanding what you dislike doing will help in the type of work. Really thinking about the things that you really dislike spending your time doing will benefit you in choosing the right career choice.

5. Why should you do it?

Ultimately the main reason for doing what you love is to be happier in life.

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