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How to Protect Yourself and Your Baby by Buying European Baby Formula?

by Louise W. Rice

According to the WHO, for the first six months of life, an infant should be breastfed. The mother’s food is irreplaceable, and its composition cannot be counterfeited. However, in some cases, it is difficult to maintain breastfeeding for various reasons.

In such cases, the only sensible solution is to include modified milk in the baby’s diet. Baby formulas are created in such a way as to imitate the composition of natural human milk as closely as possible. Of course, even the best recipes do not equal breast milk, but currently available mixtures represent the best alternative.

What to Consider When Choosing Baby Formula?

There is no universal formula on the market that is suitable for all babies. Each one has a different nutrient requirement. One mixture may be suitable for healthy babies, while another one for infants with allergies or digestive ailments. When choosing a product, make sure that it meets nutritional and safety requirements. The composition and nutritional value of infant formulas are regulated by the European Commission directives in EU countries.

Modified baby milk is enriched with valuable substances, thanks to which it becomes similar in composition to human milk. The modification mainly consists in lowering the protein content and changing its composition, increasing the amount of lactose, reducing the amount of chlorine, sodium, and potassium, and adding unsaturated fatty acids and essential vitamins. Thanks to this, the organic baby formula has a composition that is better suited to the capabilities of the not yet fully developed digestive system of an infant.

It is worth choosing a mixture containing the right combination of prebiotics and probiotics naturally occurring in human breast milk. Besides, it should contain friendly cultures of lactic acid bacteria, vitamins A, C, and D, valuable Omega-3 acids, and lactose supporting the lactic acid bacteria’s development. These ingredients support the baby’s development and contribute to strengthening its immunity.

Parents should also pay attention to the categories indicating the age of the child for which the milk is adjusted. Milk intended for newborns for the first six months of life is marked with the number 1. Formulas designed for infants from 7 months of age are marked with the number 2, and milk that can be given to babies aged 1-3 years or even longer — the Junior type — is marked with numbers 3, 4, or 5, respectively.

Where to Buy the Best Baby Formula?

If you are looking for a safe place to order modified milk for your kid, consider an option to buy organic European formula at Organics Best Shop. It is a family-run company supplying consumers from different countries with high-quality baby formula manufacturers in the EU, including HiPP, Holle, Kendamil, Lebenswert, Jovie, and Löwenzahn Organics. These suppliers are known for producing their formulas with superior quality ingredients, prohibition using harmful substances, and contributing to environmental welfare.

Here are the main reasons why parents trust Organics Best Shop:

  • Express delivery. You can expect your order to arrive in 2-5 business days.
  • Authentic products. All baby formulas are sourced directly from the manufacturers.
  • Long expiration dates. Due to the direct supply chain, the expiration date of each batch of product is six months or more.
  • Right formula guarantee. If you want to try another formula after purchasing from this store, you can let them know, and they will send you a promo code to try out another box or can for free.

What Else Should Moms Remember?

The way the milk is prepared is of great importance. Make sure to prepare the mixture in the kitchen, where all the necessary accessories, such as clean and dry bottles, teats, a sterilizer, and baby formula with a measuring cup, are at hand. There is nothing worse than a hungry baby and a pile of dirty bottles at the same time. Always wash your hands before you prepare the milk.

Maybe you have heard the wrong suggestion to sometimes add more milk than indicated on the packaging to the mixture so that your baby is fuller and sleeps longer. Never do that. Remember to always adhere to the powder-to-water ratio given in the dosing table. Parents should also bear in mind that if the baby does not eat the entire portion, the rest must not be stored until the next feeding. Make sure to prepare fresh milk each time.

Changing the baby formula often and testing various products is not recommended, as it may cause abdominal discomfort. It is best to choose a widely available product because when the packaging is finished, you will be able to get another one at the nearest store or order it quickly and conveniently online. Remember that the choice of baby formula should always be consulted with a doctor.

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