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A Guideline on Basic Bathroom Accessories

by Louise W. Rice

The bathroom is a necessary part of everyone’s house. While it may not be the largest part of your space, it is the focal point as bathroom constructions can either make your house structure last long or make it collapse in a few years. Bathrooms are a comfortable space for many people, and everyone tries to make them as beautiful as possible. You, too, can make your bathrooms attractive by getting stunning pieces from places such as Victoria Plum.

Types of Bathroom Accessories

Towel Hanger

A towel hanger is a perfect addition to any bathroom if there is limited space. Towel stands can occupy a lot of space, but towel hangers go on the wall, so they are a great accessory as you can install them everywhere. The only thing you need to ensure is to keep your towel hanger away from the shower, toilet taps and toilet seats. You do not want your towels remaining wet throughout the day as they will become dirty instantly.

Bath Shelf

Installing shelves in your bathroom helps you place all your shower and bathing essentials outside where you can see them and grab them quickly. You can place decorative items on your bath shelves. There are even some plants that can live in high humidity levels present within bathrooms.

Corner Shower Shelf

This is another type of bathroom shelf that can be placed at the corner of the wall. Using a rack like this is beneficial when you do not have much space in your bathroom. Putting them on the opposite side of your showerheads and water taps will help you access any items you want while you shower or even bathe.

Toothbrush Holder

This type of holder is perfect for every household as a toothbrush can be difficult to store since they cannot stand straight and need a separate section. Your toothbrush should remain covered when it is not in use. This is to stop pollutants from contaminating your toothbrush. There are even special electric toothbrushes available now in the market.

Shower Mat

Once you finish taking a bath, you will always be dripping wet, and so is the floor. Thus, there is a high chance that you might slip and fall. With the help of a shower mat, the chances of slipping and falling reduce as it provides some cushioning under your feet.

Shower Soap Dispenser

The shower soap dispenser allows you to pour a small amount of soap into your hands. You can do this through a pump that lets only a little bit of soap out of the dispenser.


Your bathroom or toilets may not have all the accessories available in the market as it is not necessary for you to purchase them all. Whichever way you decorate your bathroom, make sure the items you are buying compliment everything else in the bathroom, such as the bath, the sink, and even the toilet seat.

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