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A Definitive Guide On Sales Funnel Software For Business Owners

by Louise W. Rice

Let us face it; there is no way you are doing without a sales funnel if you are serious about making money online. A typical sales funnel integrates compelling landing pages, lead nurturing emails, and payment gateways.

No doubt, paying a web developer to build you all will cost you a premium. More than this, you will be using many external tools. This can be really stressful. But isn’t there another way – a cheaper and easier way – around that?

Yes, there is: using sales Funnel Software!

What Is Sales Funnel Software?

A sales funnel software automates the whole process. With a sales funnel builder, I can build stunning landing pages, create persuasive email autoresponders and integrate payment gateways – all on one platform.

Let us assume that I am a sports betting business, and I particularly need Europa League enthusiasts as customers. I could build a sales funnel integrating landing pages like liontips.com/tips/europa to offer prospects valuable betting predictions on Europa league fixtures.

If my prospects win from those predictions, they are obliged to trust me more. Then I would pass them down my sales funnel to the sales page where I sell my product. Guess what? I wouldn’t need any technical experience to do that.

Sales funnel software enables you to build a comprehensive sales process, enhancing a fluid customer journey and enabling you to achieve your desired conversions or customer goals – all without breaking a sweat.

I admit, there are a whole lot of sales funnel software out there promising you wondrous ROI and profit amplification. How then can you know which one is worth your money? I will tell you.

What makes a good sales funnel software?

Across my years of using sales funnel software, I have come to identify some distinguishing factors that stand the best sales funnel tools out. How about we explore them?

1. They are easy to use

Keep rocket building for the MIT geeks, sales funnels have to be very simplified so that the average marketer – or that with no substantial coding experience – can use it easily.

Of course, it has to be more than just a drag-and-drop builder if it is going to do its job perfectly. However, your sales funnels builders are very user-friendly with easy-to-use editors.

These tools should give you the ready flexibility to realize your page design and functionality, positioning your page elements and buttons. Don’t you like it simple? Well, I sure do!

2. They come with lots of templates you can customize

The best sales funnel providers feed you lavishly with templates, giving you so many to choose from. But does it end there? Hell no! The top online sales funnel builders yet allow you to customize these templates just the way you like them.

This will enable you to tweak and realize the most peculiar designs and stunning campaigns with minimal effort regardless of your industry. Imagine you had to build all that from scratch…YUCK!

3. They have membership sites

For a successful online venture, you need members or returning customers, don’t you? This is even more crucial for those in the subscription or online education niche.

Therefore, it is essential for your sales to funnel builder to create a membership page where you can host your training content. This saves you the pain of procuring a 3rd party learning management software platform. Trust me, I have been there; it isn’t funny!

4. Comes with Inbuilt automation

Automation is the lifeblood of any sales funnel builder software. When your funnels lack this automation capacity, lead monitoring and processing become more challenging and less accurate.

Leveraging such inbuilt automation, you can better personalize your communications with your customers. This exceeds just creating email lists, segmenting your leads, and sending them emails.

5. They have an affiliate center

Let me tell you a secret. Having an affiliate program is one of the surest ways to make money in your sleep. It is kind of outsourcing the labor and eating free money. Don’t you like it that way?

Top sales funnel software has affiliate centers that help you manage your affiliate programs. With such affiliate centers, it becomes superfluid to curate your affiliates, manage them, and reward them with commissions. There is more…

Your sales funnel software should also have one-click upsells and downsells, an inbuilt shopping cart, the capacity to host webinars, and interactive customer support. Take note that not all these listed sales funnel software have all-in-one solutions for building your campaigns. Some need to be combined with other auxiliary software to achieve some dedicated functions.

What Are The Best Sales Funnel Software And Builders?

Alright, we have extensively explored the features you should eye when buying sales funnel software.  Moving on, I will point out some of the best sales funnel tools I have used.

I love these tools. Actually, why shouldn’t I? They have made me a whole lot of money and conversions. I am going to explore their respective advantages, their relative handicaps, and yes, their cost plans.

Let us go!

Sales Funnel Software Tool Reviews

 1. ClickFunnels

It is currently the most popular platform on the planet. It helps business owners build landing pages, and sales pages, produce webinars, craft out sales scripts, create online courses, develop membership sites, manage affiliates, and teaches you everything you need to know about:

Let us get to it straight. You dare not mention the 5 sales funnel builders and ignore Clickfunnels. This is one of the best builders you can leverage in building stunning landing pages, creating successful webinars, creating membership sites, A/B testing, writing sales scripts, or managing affiliate programs.

There is so much I love in Clickfunnels, don’t blame me. It is an encompassing digital solution that gives you virtually all you need, from creating sales funnels to closing crucial sales.

There are lots of pre-designed templates for you to pick from, spanning several industries.

Who Is ClickFunnels For?

Sales funnel builder software is an incredible solution for freelancers, coaches or consultants, B2B agencies, non-profits, affiliate marketers, infopreneurs, and affiliate marketers.

I will be honest with you. Clickfunnels may not be the best builder for you if you are very keen on SEO.

2. Kartra

Kartra is another sales funnel builder I am in love with. It is one of the best all-in-one sales funnel builders I have used.

I am thrilled by the fluidity and convenience it brings to marketing and hosting. With Kartra, you can design landing pages, create membership sites, generate leads, and integrate checkout systems.

Who Is Kartra For?

Kartra is pretty much for anyone with an online business to run. It has a wealth of features that make it one of the best-integrated builders in the game.

Key Features of Kartra Sales Funnel Software

  • Lots of already-made funnel templates
  • Automated sales-driven campaigns
  • Kartra Calendar
  • Video hosting solution
  • Katra helpdesk
  • Affiliate program management
  • Shopping cart
  • Email CRM
  • Online membership portal
  • Behavioural Adaptive Marketing


  • Easy–to–use page builder
  • 1 Click upsells / downsells
  • Email automation
  • Dynamic followup sequences
  • Very personalized customer experience
  • Kartra calculates and adds VAT to the checkout process automatically
  • Kartra allows you to create affiliate programs and reward systems
  • 14-day trial Kartra for $1


  • Limited pages in the starter plan
  • Restriction in product sell
  • Relatively expensive

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