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Truck-Driving Tips: 8 Ways to Keep You Safe on the Road

by Louise W. Rice

Long-distance driving is hard and dangerous work. Becoming a qualified specialist in this field is difficult, and the cost of a mistake is high. Consider a few tips that will be useful to novice truck drivers.

1. It Is Better to Start in Summer

The end of spring or the beginning of summer is the best time for a long trip, especially with a large truck, as the roads are more difficult in winter. And also, because of the short daylight hours during the autumn-winter period, drivers get tired faster, and the trip is delayed. If you do not plan to work for Hawaii Trusted Realty where the season does not matter, start your career in the warm season.

2. Before the Trip, Thoroughly Study the Route

It is crucial to plan the route in advance:

  • Pay attention to the traffic situation, repair road sections;
  • Plan your trip so that you have a variety of accommodation options;
  • Foresee some time for force majeure.

3. Before You Leave, Check the Condition of the Truck

Mandatory checks should relate to the level and quality of oil, brake, and coolant, as well as the performance of the vehicle in general. You can find out more about DIY inspection from a service specialist at the station that carries out the maintenance of your truck.

4. One Phone Is Good, But Two Are Better

For a long trip, take an extra and simple phone and charger in case of a breakdown. The road is always a risk, and if you lose your means of communication, you need to have an alternative.

5. Travel Repair Kit

An experienced trucker should not only drive it but also be able to repair it. No one knows at what point a tire replacement will be needed. Therefore, you must have two spare tires and a jack, a starting wire, and brake fluid with you.

It’s good if you have a list of the necessary fuses with a diagram for replacing them and light bulbs at hand: you won’t have to spend time looking for these consumables in the store.

6. Think About Money in Advance

It is better to take care of the money in advance: be sure to have a bank card with you and a small amount of cash for small expenses. Of course, do not keep a card and cash in one wallet. It is a regular safety precaution.

7. Keep the Documents with You

It is not only about personal documents but also about documents for the truck and cargo. In no case should you leave them in the cabin of the truck in a visible place, even if you leave it for 5 minutes. Collect all important papers in a folder and always keep them near you. Making a digital copy will also come in handy.

8. Everything in the Driver’s Cabin Should Have Its Place

Divide personal belongings into separate boxes (documents, meals, hygiene items, and so on) and determine a storage location for every box in the cabin. This will save space and time from searching for the desired item.

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