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8 Best E-Learning Platforms to Start Using Right Now

by Louise W. Rice

Many people find it hard to balance life’s demands and still attend classes. E-learning platforms are a great solution for anyone willing to gain skills and knowledge remotely. There is a wide selection of online learning websites, and picking one is challenging. If you are looking for quality online classes, your search ends here. Here are the best platforms for effective learning.

LinkedIn Learning

It is an innovative platform created to serve the training needs of the site’s premium users. The site, which is popular in the corporate world, offers users a free one-month trial. LinkedIn brings employers and job seekers under one roof. Any course learned on the platform displays on your profile. What’s more, it recommends classes to users based on their page information. This ensures that any skills you add complement your resume.

The ability to build on your skills as you look for a job makes the site stand out from other platforms. Learners get certifications after training. Thus, it is easy for corporates to find perfect matches for vacancies. The platform provides a win-win situation for job seekers and employers.


Udemy has a wide selection of courses. They cover almost every imaginable skill, attracting trainers and learners from across the globe. Many students earn money on the side by writing for a paper writing from essayservice or various online magazines. If you would like to make money the same way and worry about your skills, there are many academic and article writing courses to get you started.

The site offers terrific discounts and free coupons regularly for some of the most informative content. Course prices vary depending on the scope and instructor. Udemy’s simplicity makes it easy for any user to search for courses, read reviews, and pay for lessons.


If you wish to enhance your creativity, Skillshare features an impressive collection of courses. You can learn practical skills in

  • interior design;
  • writing;
  • photography;
  • animations;
  • visual arts, etc.

Classes are a combination of video lessons and practical assignments to hone one’s skills.

Skillshare provides a cost-effective plan for students based on a monthly subscription. It allows students to access any course as long as their payment is valid. Compared to platforms where students pay for each course, Skillshare stands tall as a reliable studying resource.


Udacity presents marketable tech courses, emphasizing:

  • cloud computing;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • web development;
  • data science;
  • programming.

The platform includes courses to cater to all levels of learners, from beginner to intermediate and expert. Each lesson employs a practical approach, providing opportunities for practicing and access to a mentor in your field of study.

Students get help to create personalized learning plans. Every learner receives career insights and access to resume assistance. Udacity also empowers students by optimizing their LinkedIn profiles to improve their chances of job placement.

Programs offered by Udacity can be an excellent addition to a school or university curriculum, and with the availability of helpful online services for students combining both studies won’t be a problem.


Coursera partners with institutions of higher learning and corporates. It is one of few platforms offering an online degree in computer science without the need to ever step into a brick-and-mortar classroom.

Apart from academic certifications, Coursera helps develop top in-demand skills:

  • graphic design;
  • cloud engineering;
  • business analytics.

Success on the platform can set you up for promotions in your workplace or empower you to change your career altogether. This is because Coursera’s certificates are accredited and recognized by companies.


MasterClass holds deep, engaging online class sessions across a number of skill-based courses. These include

  • dog-training;
  • story-telling;
  • design;
  • gaming;
  • writing;
  • music;
  • wellness;
  • food;
  • tech.

The platform attracts big names in entertainment, like Alicia Keys, currently a songwriting and production instructor.

Classes combine video instructions and a detailed coursebook to enable individuals to access courses at their convenience. If you are a fast learner, MasterClass offers new, exciting classes every month to meet your skill and knowledge needs.


Coding skills are highly marketable in the modern workspace, with tech students receiving lucrative job proposals after college. Codecademy offers in-depth learning and practical sessions in

  • data science;
  • web development;
  • programming.

Students get an opportunity to gain skills by working on several projects. In case you have doubts and need prior clarification, there is a supportive team to provide all the information you need to pick a good course. Coding submissions get timely feedback to ensure learners remain on the right track.


By joining Pluralsight, you can enroll in

  • cybersecurity;
  • software development;
  • data science;
  • information classes.

While you can choose a single course, the platform usually prefers its users to take related courses in a specific career path for better job-hunting prospects.

To access standard exams in preparation for professional certification, you need to join the site under a premium plan. With a library spanning over 7000 classes, Pluralsight remains one of the top e-learning sites.


E-learning provides versatility and convenience. Any student or professional can gain additional skills and qualifications online. These leading platforms link learners with skilled instructors for a personalized and rewarding experience.

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