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5 Luxury Gift Ideas for the Boyfriend with Everything

by Louise W. Rice

Finding a gift for your partner becomes infinitely more of a challenge when they have a predilection for the finer things in life. This becomes harder still when they already treat themselves to everything they need before you can get there. This guide has five outside of the box ideas for the boyfriend with everything who prefers luxury over the mundane.

Bespoke Getaway

There are few things in this world more romantic than a completely bespoke and luxurious getaway. This could be a solo trip or a break for the two of you together. The key is to make everything tailored towards your partner and their preferences.

Make everything luxurious from start to finish, including the travel bookings and accommodation finds. Choose a destination that speaks to them, or tick a place off their bucket list. Don’t forget the finer details for when you’re actually there too, as they are what brings a whole adventure together.

Unique Jewelry

Statement jewelry pieces can be enjoyed by all genders. They have a unique way of pulling a high-class outfit together, and really represent luxury when you choose a unique, boutique brand like Louis Krudo Jewelry. Jewelry is such a personal gift when done right, and it can be a sentimental keepsake that is made with special materials too.

A luxury cologne

Colognes are a popular gift idea for good reason. Not only it’s a great personal gift, but it also shows your boyfriend that you have put thought into his personal style and character.

Intense, woody scents can be a great option for boyfriends who prefer masculine colognes. Y by Yves Saint Laurent is a top choice, while both its Eau de Parfum and Parfum versions are great scents, the Parfum is more sophisticated and elegant. Other top scents to consider as a gift include Aventus by Creed, Sauvage by Dior, and Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford.

High Class Valet Service

When was the last time your other half had their vehicle cleaned professionally? You could get them a voucher, or arrange for an expert to visit your home to give their treasured car a clean from top to bottom. These gifts will be different from the typical couple’s presents, and they are practical alongside nurturing. Take your time and shop around, and make sure wherever you land has a premium package to cater to that luxury lifestyle.

Tailored Suit

A new suit is always useful, and it is a thoughtful gift too. You can really take your time making this decision and use all the knowledge you have about their style preference and default brand choices too. It would be easier to involve your partner in this gift, to avoid unnecessary time delays on adjustments and fittings.

A High-Class Experience

Instead of organizing a whole trip, for people with busier schedules, why not try out a high-class experience? There are thousands of top-class experience days out there to sample, from drifting courses to hot air balloon dates and beyond. For a truly exquisite experience, you can also book a wine tour for a sophisticated and enjoyable experience that allows him to explore and indulge in the finest wines, learn about the art of winemaking, and create lasting memories in a luxurious setting.

Home Bar Cabinet

A home bar is undoubtedly a luxury feature in any residence. If you have the time to plan it, this would be a unique gift that your partner might love. There are lots of ideas to get you started on the planning stage, and you could always hire a professional for a bit more guidance to see the project through to a high standard. Don’t forget to stock up the bar with beautiful glassware and their favorite potions too.

Settling on the right luxury present choice might feel overwhelming. However, it is a task worth putting energy into. There are lots of present high-class options, so the trick is to look at bespoke items and think of what your partner would get the most out of.

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