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5 Essentials to Having a Healthy Relationship

by Louise W. Rice

So many people are going online to find romance. A high percentage of them do connect with someone compatible. There is a diverse range of matching services out there, with outlets like BBW dating sites providing a fantastic platform for interacting with other singles. But even if you do make a potent connection, you’ll still have to work at this relationship. Here are your five essentials.

1. Trust

Trust is the most important building block of all. The moment anything should happen to jeopardize this, then the rest of the relationship will come tumbling down, just like any other structure that has been undermined by having its foundations eroded. Trust should be implicit in every aspect of your connection, the greater this sense of mutual understanding, the healthier your relationship will be.

Always make sure that you are honest with your partner, and never be tempted to keep anything from them, even if you think you are party to information that might hurt them. It is always better to keep things out in the open. What will crush a relationship is the betrayal of this trust.

When one of the parties has an affair, it isn’t so much the thought of them having been with someone else that can be so hurtful to the person spurned (horrifying is that image will be to contemplate). It’s this notion that the trust they once took for granted as a couple no longer exists. And once it has been removed from a relationship, the chances of it ever being repaired again can sometimes hang in the balance.

With a lot of heartfelt apologizing and a rekindling of the original feelings, the sense of trust can be salvaged – but it will never be as powerful as it was in its ‘untainted’ state.

2. Communication

Almost as important as trust is having an open platform of communication within your partnership. Even if you are living otherwise busy lifestyles, it is always important to set aside a particular time of day when you drop whatever you are doing and prioritize touching base with your loved one. You don’t have to necessarily chat about the deeper things in your life – your worries and anxieties, or whatever – although there will be a time to do so. But simply exchanging small talk, and enquiring how the day went, is enough to reinforce your commitment to each other.

3. Mutual intimacy

A healthy relationship is also defined by a lot of physical contacts. When this lapses, it can often be the first sign that all is not well and some issues need to be addressed. Having a regular and invigorating sex life is such a vital component of any partnership. These moments you share will bring you so much closer together. Having the imagination to explore different aspects of sexuality, trying out new techniques, experimenting with new positions or scenarios will benefit your relationship immensely.

4. Be prepared to compromise

There are no relationships in the world that exist without some moments of friction. Disagreements and falling out are simply an aspect of being human – it would be unnatural to agree on everything. But in terms of maintaining a healthy relationship, the important thing is to accept that there will be moments that you approaching subjects from opposite perspectives, and not to allow any clashing opinions to become overriding.

If you are arguing with your partner, it is imperative that you can accept their point of you at some point. No matter how much your outlooks are contradictory, always be prepared to meet your partner halfway. If the solution to the argument is to compromise on some of your own opinions, then that will at least create a sense of closure, allowing you to kiss, make up, and move on.

5. Love

Love: the four-letter word that says it all. If there is much love within your relationship, then it will, by definition, remain healthy. If you feel inspired to express your love towards each other regularly while seeking new ways of doing so, your life is in a good place. Whether that’s doing romantic things together, like going for walks, or picnics, exchanging gifts, attending gigs, visiting art galleries, the possibilities of moments you can share are, like love, potentially boundless!

If you can focus on ticking these boxes, and not just as a one-off, but as an ongoing commitment, you should have every chance of enjoying a healthy and fulfilling relationship. The worst thing for any connection between a couple, even if they appear to be displaying all the usual aspects of being happy and content, is to allow complacency to set in. Always focus on keeping the sparks of passion alive, with unexpected gifts, romantic weekend getaways, and frequent compliments.

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