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Which Criminal Law Firm Should You Hire? 5 Tips To Help You Decide

by Louise W. Rice

Choosing the perfect law firm for you and your legal needs is not always easy. This is especially true when dealing with criminal lawsuits. If you or someone in your family, a loved one, or a friend have recently been involved in a criminal case, finding the perfect law firm to represent you in court is crucial for a positive outcome. But what are some of the things you need to know before making this choice? In this article, you will have a look at 5 of the most important things you should consider when deciding which criminal law firm you want to hire for your lawsuit.

  • Experience

The first thing you need to look at is experience. You want to find a law firm whose lawyers have extensive experience dealing with charges similar to yours. Since there are many types of crime, you need to be very specific with your search. You need to find a law firm with experience with corruption and charges relevant to you. 

  • Success Rate

Experience in the field does not automatically result in high success rates, especially for criminal defense cases. This is why, next to experience, you want to look for a law firm with positive results and outcomes in the cases they have taken. The higher the law firm’s success rate with cases similar to yours, the higher the possibility of winning. Make sure to keep in mind that it is almost impossible that all the issues they have worked on turned out successful. If next to 10 victorious cases, there has been a losing one, then the chances of winning and the success rate are high.

  • Communication

Everyone knows that a good impression in business is crucial as it sets the tone of the communication. Confidence and competence are essential qualities for a lawyer. You want to find a law firm and a lawyer with experience and high winning rates to communicate with their clients successfully. Speaking and understanding each other’s needs and expectations is essential for the lawsuit’s outcome, so make sure to prioritize this aspect when choosing your law firm.

  • Money

Of course, the financial part cannot be left aside when deciding which law firm you want to hire for your criminal case. You need to check what their prices are, whether or not they fit within your budget. Make sure to check if their fees are hourly, flat, or negotiable. Verify if they include additional costs such as travel or filing. Any questions regarding your budget and their compensation expectations need to be discussed before making your choice.

  • Compare and Contrast

The last thing you want to do before hiring your criminal law firm is to compare and contrast the options available. It goes without saying that no matter how good an offer might sound, you can always find a better one when expanding your search. This is why it is essential to meet with as many law firms as possible to compare and contrast their experience in the field, their success rate, their relationship with the client, or their prices. 

This task becomes harder when you have to find the best criminal defense law firm in your state, mainly because there’s so many of them out there. However, if you compare prices, testimonials, reputation, and reliability (often noticeable during an initial, free meeting), you can easily rule out the bad firms.

The Bottom Line

Finally, deciding which law firm you should hire for your criminal case can be difficult, but with these five tips, you are now one step closer to finding the perfect criminal law firm for you.

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