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What is Automotive DMS Systems

by Louise W. Rice

Dealership management software or automotive DMS systems are complex programs that bring together every aspect of selling cars. They enable every member of staff to be able to accurately work and store information in a cloud-based solution that offers high-end security. It makes management easier as all information relating to every aspect of the business in one location, making reporting a much easier task.

They are specifically tailored to the automotive industry and therefore designed to pick up all of the business strands you would expect to find. So, let’s take a closer look at how an automotive DMS system works.

Customer Experience 

Customers purchasing new vehicles or even second-hand cars are spending significant amounts of money. So, it is natural they want to feel like they are in confident and capable hands. They will be giving you private information such as bank details and credit card numbers and relying on you to keep these 100% safe. They also want to have conversations with confident staff members who have access to any information they need without fumbling around or finding someone else to help.

Your DMS is the primary tool that will cement everything together and ensure that you offer your customers an excellent experience every time they deal with your company. From sales to servicing and aftercare, you want to retain customers, and good customer service is undoubtedly part of that process.

One Login

No matter what role your employee has, they can have one system that gives them access to everything they need. It doesn’t mean they have to have access to everything and see things that are none of their concern. In fact, quite the opposite. Every user can receive a set of unique credentials giving them access only to the tools they need to do their job.

Managers may need access to more, and the business owner can naturally set their profile to see everything. The security is first-rate, so there is no danger of the system being hacked, whether from a disgruntled ex-employee or just a cybercriminal. Once someone leaves the company, you terminate their profile, and their access is revoked.

secure login

The security aspect is also crucial for your customers, and they can be reassured that their data is entirely safe in your hands. The data can be easily tailored to meet any data protection requirements and new GDPR in the UK.

Easy Inventory Tracking

A unique part of running any business has a comprehensive and up-to-date inventory. In the automotive sales world, there may well be two inventories you need to keep tabs on. First, you have the vehicles themselves and the parts required by the servicing department when repairing and maintaining vehicles. This becomes even more crucial if you are a more extensive operation with more than one forecourt.

Previously you may have lost track of the stock at one of your other venues, and this, in turn, could cause a loss of sales. But now you can easily see which vehicles are still available and where they are to arrange to get them to your site. It also means she could direct customers in the event of a breakdown to the location with the parts in stock that they require. Alternatively, you could have the part moved if the customer is already with you.

Financing and Pricing 

Another issue that is very important to automotive sales is financing and insurance. This is another feature that sets a DMS system apart from a standard CRM system. There are many different aspects that you can customize. Also, you will print quotes for both vehicle financing and the cost of the vehicle itself, so the customer is under no confusion as to what they have to pay. You could also track your pricing and ensure that you are remaining competitive while still offering something to the customer that beats the competition.



Reporting is another crucial part of the business. Many reports can be customized and tailored to provide the information you need on whatever basis you require. So, you can quickly see how well the company is performing, where it is failing, and what changes you may need to make to remain at the top of your game. In addition, it is easier to generate all of the reports required from one system because it has information in every aspect of the business.

Aftercare Scheduling 

Your aftercare is also provided with a DMS system. As a result, you can easily schedule services and send reminders to customers and carry out billing for the work once it is complete.

Utilizes Cloud Technology

One of the most complex parts of a CRM system was the requirement for servers to be installed, which meant businesses would need someone with IT knowledge to maintain them. However, cloud-based technology has removed this problem, and now your programs and data are stored in the cloud, which means the servers running the technology are located somewhere else. You would expect this to be with the company that is providing your DMS.

This is good for security as it means your data is backed up off-site, which is a security recommendation, and it also means you don’t need to employ any experts. Any Internet device can also access Cloud-based technology, so you could have your staff using mobile phones or tablets to deal with customers out on the forecourt rather than sitting at desks. It means when staff change location, they still have access to what they need.


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