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Top 5 Benefits of Personal Canvas Prints

by Louise W. Rice

What makes a piece of artwork special? That debate has raged for ages, with answers ranging from its effective use of emotions to how well it imitates life. In short, deciding whether an artwork is good is a personal decision, as there is no universal definition.

That is why personal canvas prints are so unique; they offer the kind of versatility not seen on any other piece of artwork. If you still have doubts, here are the top 5 benefits of personal canvas prints.

Benefits of canvas prints

Art is an exercise in personal experience, where you have a look at different forms of styles, techniques, and genres to find out what resonates with your experiences. A piece of art connects with you if it encourages you to step out of your cocoon into a profound world of undiscovered excitement.

Personal canvas prints can provide that by the bucket load. Do you have an image that one tiny change would make perfect? Personal canvas prints offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice for art enthusiasts and home decor enthusiasts alike. From their ability to showcase cherished memories to their durability and versatility, canvas prints from Gelato provide the top benefits that can elevate your space.

That’s what personal canvas prints can do for you. With a few digital tricks, an artist can conjure up a picture of your dreams. Here are other reasons why you should consider it:

1. Image framing

Once the artist edits your image, you get to choose whether you want your canvas print in a frame or not. You can pick the height and width up to 150 cms each, which is adjustable as you can have that in square or rectangular form.

That gives you lots of flexibility as you can choose one of the artists’ recommended frames or not, so you can custom fit a frame to your taste.

2. Add, remove or alter objects

This is perhaps the most crucial trick up canvas prints’ sleeves. If an object in the picture bothers you, no problem. Point it out and have it removed.

Do you wish to have an object added? Done.

What if something looks out of place and another object would be better in that position? Say no more.

The result is a print that looks exactly as you pictured it. Everything is at it should be, absolutely nothing out of place. You end up with canvas prints that look like they leaped out of your dreams into reality, just as you always imagined it.

3. Style Versatility, no glare

Whatever your interior design or décor, you can alter the print to fit it. You can have the photos tweaked from regular to vintage to match your rustic décor, or glam the image with a modern photo and frame to fit in your contemporary space, your choice.

It gives rise to your own canvas that reflects your personality and fits into your interior space style.

Normal photos have a glossy finish and are framed behind glass to boot, causing unpleasant reflections and glare. Canvas prints have satin-matte finishes ensuring no reflections or glare, perfect for rooms that receive plenty of light.

4. Color options

One of the most significant benefits of canvas prints is the variety of color options and styles you can choose from. You can change any photo from all color to black-and-white, vary entirely from one color to another, or resort to color splash where only one object retains colors and the rest change to black-and-white.

That leaves you with a canvas print with a color scheme that’s just right for the room you will hang it, making it seem larger, airy, and intimate.

5. Restore photos

Photos give us so many memories, but changes in technology make them look old. That’s where canvas prints can come in handy as they can restore them.

A photo taken in the ‘80s will end up looking as clean and clear as if taken in 2020, breathing new life to the canvas print.

To sum up, get yourself a personal canvas print as it has plenty of versatility and color options, you can choose the frame size and style, and you can alter the objects in the photos. There are many toned colors fine art prints for sale to choose from.

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