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Dead By Daylight: 7 Tips For Playing As Huntress

by Louise W. Rice

Playing Huntress in Dead by Daylight is challenging because she got all the skills and strategies. Huntress is terror personified, and you have to study everything about her from her powers, perks, skills, and gameplay. 

So, this article will look at several important things to know about the Huntress and the tips to play her character well. But we recommend that you take a little detour to Battlelog.co for more tools and strategies for playing Dead by Daylight.

Let’s enter the Huntress’s world. 

7 Tips to Play Huntress Well 

1. Use the perks right 

Every killer has unique perks that make them different from others. If you don’t know how to use the perks, it will be outright difficult to play the character well. Huntress perks are three; Hex: Huntress Lullaby, Beast of Prey, and Territorial Imperative. 

These perks help her to understand the map and strategize her attack on the Survivors. Once you decide to play this killer, try the perks one by one to use them right. Also, when you understand them, you can create a deadly combo to take the prey down. 

2. Master the Ax

If you’re playing Huntress, you’ve chosen to be the Ax-wielding killer. This is your main weapon of destruction, and learning how to use it will help you a lot. The Ax usually looks simple, but it deals a lot of damages on Survivors. Unfortunately, this weapon is heavy, and to use it well, you must practice a little more. In the beginning, your Ax will feel like a deadweight, but with time, you will get used to it. So, try to practice with it for some time to make the most out of it. 

3. Balance your attacks 

One good thing about Huntress is that she can do well in both long and short-range attacks. But it is very important to practice the two and know how you perform in both. Then, instead of focusing on long-range attacks or short-range attacks, you can balance them depending on the situation. For instance, if you hit a Survivor when he is close and then throw your hatchet when he runs away, you can incapacitate and sacrifice him to the Entity. 

4. Augment your Strength with Add-Ons 

Add-Ons are very necessary to strengthen your character. If you’re playing Huntress, you will need this extra to e deadlier. Some of the Add-ons to consider are Infantry Belt, Iridescent Head, Yew Seed Concoction, Flower Babushka, etc. All these add-ons will help to maximize your abilities in the game. For instance, Infantry Belt enables you to carry two hatchets. Iridescent Head takes a target Survivor into the dying status, while the Flower Babushka transforms you into a dangerous Killer when chasing Survivors. As for the Yew Seed Concoction, the Huntress needs it for more speed. So, check these add-ons and enhance your strength against the prey. 

5. Practice with the hatchet

Apart from the ax, Huntress uses hunting hatchets to deal with Survivors. But just like the ax, these hatchets can be a challenge to use. So, we encourage you to practice with them and master the throws. 

When the game starts, you will have five hatchets at your disposal and get more from Locker. This means that the Hatchet is a huge part of your weapons in the game. So, when throwing it, press and hold the button to charge your throw for a more devastating effect. 

However, throwing hatchet results in a short recovery period before you can throw or attack a Survivor. So, bear this in mind and make sure you get the prey with the first throw. 

6. Kick some generators

Do you know that kicking a generator slows down the progress of the Survivors bent on repairing them and opening the exit gates? So what are you waiting for; find a Survivor near the generators and chase him away. Then destroy the whole work they’ve down to frustrate their escape plans. 

When you’re playing Huntress, this attack becomes easier with your hatchet. When you’re at a good distance away from the Survivor but close enough to throw the hatchet, use it and scare him away. Then come closer and damage the generator. 

7. Stalk Survivors mercilessly

One of your best qualities as a Huntress is a good knowledge of the map. With such ability, you can stalk Survivors into frustration and destruction. If you combine this knowledge with the “beast of prey” perks, you can become undetected and take Survivors by surprise. This is handy, especially when they’re closed up working on a generator. Even if they’re many, you can stalk them into making silly mistakes that will expose them. 


Playing Huntress in Dead by Daylight has its challenges. But if you understand what makes her strong and weak, you can carry it off. At least, you can start by mastering her weapons, the hatchet and the ax. Then try understanding and using her perks one after the other. With all these, you can be a very dangerous Huntress.

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