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Top Tips for Giving Your House a Cleaning Like No Other

by Louise W. Rice

Do you feel like your home could use a really thorough cleaning? Sometimes, it can be better to just go through each room and make sure that it is as clean and as tidy as it can be. It will give you a great place to live and could work wonders for how you feel overall!

Here are our top tips for giving your house cleaning like no other!

Get the Professionals In

You can only do so much on your own. It might be a better idea to get in touch with some professionals who will be able to clean your home better than you ever could. Book Anita’s Housekeeping to give you the outstanding cleaning results you desire if you live in Santa Jose County.

Let’s take your carpets as the prime example here. You can vacuum them and even shampoo them, but it will be nothing compared to what professionals will be able to do. Get in touch with a company like rhcarpetcleaning.ie and they will help ensure that your carpets are cleaner than they have been since you first laid them! The professional touch can really make all the difference!

Declutter First

You can clean as much as you want, but there might still be a lingering feeling that you can’t get rid of. What could be causing this feeling? Clutter. It gets everywhere, in every room, and so it can be best to declutter before you begin to clean.

Be ruthless in your declutter. If you no longer have a use for something or it holds no major sentimental value, get rid of it. You might be shocked at how much better it makes you feel to get rid of your clutter, and you haven’t even begun to clean yet! Decluttering can also help you to begin to plan for after the clean such as where things might go in your storage and other important details.

Start with the Dirtiest Rooms

Rooms like your bathrooms and kitchens might accumulate the most dirt, even if you clean them regularly. Starting with them and making sure that they are spotless can help you manage the clean more effectively overall.

Likewise, you should leave your hallways and any areas around exterior doors to last. Though they might not be dirty when you start cleaning, they could see a lot of activity and traffic as you tackle the rest of the rooms in your house. Cleaning these areas will be the perfect end to a thorough clean.


Going through each room and cleaning systematically can be incredibly rewarding and will make you proud of your home. If you want to create a space that you know is utterly clean and relaxing, taking the time to do this could be a move you should make in the near future. It might take you just a few hours, or it could be a project that takes an entire weekend. If you’re busy at work, perhaps you might want to consider CalMaids. Whichever it might be, you can be certain that you will be able to give your house a cleaning like no other!

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