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Things Students Should Never Deal With In School

by Louise W. Rice

A classroom should be a safe haven for students. In fact, the entire school building should be a place where they feel not only valued but also safe from the wrong concepts that roam free throughout the world.

However, it’s the total opposite, most of the time. Depending on the country, students may have to deal with a lot of unfair things; from sex discrimination to favoritism, racism, bullying, and so on.

At the same time, there are many minor things which students experience that may negatively influence them. Here are some both minor and major things that students should never deal with in school!

Being Scolded or Admonished

Such things should happen at home. Under no circumstances should a teacher scold a student for not doing their homework.

As an academic institution, schools should teach students that, in life, people usually prefer ignoring things rather than scolding people because of them.

Arguing with a Teacher

Once again, students and teachers should only argue when that is required by the class/topic and under decent circumstances.

A student should never have to argue with a teacher claiming they are absolutely right, and the student is wrong. School should not be a place where people determine what’s right and wrong (for certain topics) but a place where people are taught why things are right and wrong.

Getting Shouted At

Students should not experience any form of violence, including moderate verbal violence. Just like bullying and discrimination, getting shouted at can have serious effects on how a student develops and treats the academic environment.

Forcing Meetings with Bullies

Bullying is more than common throughout the world. Just as common is the one way, some teachers have come up with ways to solve bullying presumably.

Namely – forcing students to meet with their bullies and talk. Depending on the age of the students, this may worsen things rather than make them better. Bullies should be treated accordingly while the bullied should not have to deal with them anymore.

Getting Punished Because of Other Students

We all know that time when one student misbehaved and, suddenly, we all had to take a surprise test or be punished in another way. Well, that is a bad way to treat students!

They will grow up and treat their employees, if that’s the case, in the same way. It sets a bad example for how they should manage other people. Students should not be subject to the consequences meant for bullies, misbehaving children, and so on.

The Bottom Line

We all know the severe things that children should never deal with in school – discrimination, abuse, etc. But the above are, in some cases, just as important.

Keep in mind that teachers are meant to prepare students for adulthood. If, as students, they are forced to meet their bullies, then there is nothing stopping them from forcing victims of racism/discrimination to meet with their bullies and talk it out simply.

In short, seemingly harmless things like the ones mentioned above can have an impact on more serious matters in the future life of a student.

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