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Things Golf Beginners Should Know

by Louise W. Rice

Golf is considered one of the most challenging sports that takes years of practice to perfect. Golf is 90% mental and 10% physical, meaning you cannot muscle your way through the game. This very concept is what makes the sport be considered challenging.

While it has a reputation for difficulty, golf boasts a huge fanbase. Golf is among the top ten most popular sports, with an estimated fan base of 390 million. Whether you are looking to try out golf sports betting in this month of love or start training to develop skills in the sport, some information and knowledge will be a good place to start. Here are things every golf beginner must know.

1. What You Wear Matters

When it comes to golf, what you wear matters, and golf clothing rules exist. Note that golf has been played by ladies, gentlemen, and royalties for years, which explains why the formality exists, unlike in other sports.

Golf clubs are also very strict about the clothing rules, and you should make a point to abide by them. The rules are also not designed to limit you but rather to protect the tradition and show respect to the golf community.

T-shirts are not usually allowed when playing golf, and shirts are recommended. Alternatively, you can wear a polo shirt. For women, the most recommended attire is a collared shirt with a modest front opening.

Golfers are also required to wear khaki pants or golf slacks, and jeans are not allowed. The pants are also required to have belt loops, which also signals that you are expected to wear a belt when playing.

Shorts too are allowed, but the tailoring should be similar to that of casual trousers, and the length should be maintained to at least just above the knee. It is also recommended that you tone down on the color when playing golf, especially if you are in the company of business associates. This logic is that loud patterns and bright colors can be distracting.

The shoes you wear also matter, and you must never appear on the golf course wearing sandals. Rubber shoes are also not very recommended. There are shoes designed specifically for golfing.

2. Equipment Ownership

The minimum equipment that every golfer needs includes the pitching wedge, putter, sand wedge, driver, three wood, and the three, five, seven, and nine irons. However, it is essential to note that outfitting yourself with all these tools can prove to be an expensive affair.

If your budget does not allow it, it is recommended that you rent the equipment to get started. Most golf clubs rent the equipment to help beginners embark on the golfing journey. However, eventually, it will make more financial sense if you buy your equipment.

If you take good care of them, they can serve you for even more than a decade. More so, it is best if you have clubs that feel familiar on your hands. This may be hard to achieve with rentals. Buying your equipment will allow you to customize them to fit your needs. Check out the worthy driving irons on The Left Rough.

3. Golf Leagues and Clubs

If you want to immerse yourself in the golfing world, consider joining a golf club or even leagues. While there are many benefits of having a golf membership, remember that statistically, golfers with membership have better gameplay.

Being a golf club member builds accountability, and it will be easier for you to slot in golfing sessions your schedule. Remember that this creates more practice opportunities, and through it, you will become a better golfer with time.

Golf leagues and clubs offer you an opportunity to build friendships. You will meet people and friends that share the same interest in golf. You will also make new playing partners and get tons of opportunities to play with new people, both expert golfers and beginners like you. The community will be valuable to a successful golfing journey and buy even outside the greens.

On the other hand, a league will feed your competitive spirit and give you opportunities to learn from other participants.

4. Learning

Golfing is primarily learned through experience. If you wonder if lessons are an essential component of learning golf, the simple answer is yes. Taking golf lessons is an instrumental part of the journey. It would be best if you had someone who could understand your training needs and create lessons best suited for you.

While everyone learns at their own pace, it would help if you found someone who can expose you to the basics to speed up your learning process. Most people learn golf through teachers who have gathered experience and understand the areas of training individuals need the most.

Many golf clubs in the country are equipped with teachers and offer golfing lessons. How you lay the foundation for golfing will determine the kind of golfer you will become and how long it will take you to master the sport.

The four critical components of golfing you will require lessons on include grip, stance, posture, and alignment. If you lay a sturdy foundation in the four areas, developing your skills shouldn’t be hard.

Take Away

Golf is a social and enjoyable game. As much as it may be challenging to master compared to other sports, golf boasts a large community that will be willing to hold your hand through the journey. Understanding the basic etiquette of the game is an excellent place to start.

Getting lessons will help you lay a solid foundation for excellence.

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