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The Top 14 Ways You Can Make a Positive Impact With Your Career

by Louise W. Rice

Impactful careers are those that have a positive and lasting impact on the world and society. They are not just jobs that pay well but also career path that makes a difference.

Impactful careers are not just about money. They should be about making an impact on the world. These careers can be anything from being a doctor to being an artist. The most important thing is to make sure that you are doing something you love and are passionate about.

1. Become a Social Worker and Help People in Need

Social work is a profession that helps people in need. It is a profession that requires dedication and compassion.

Becoming a social worker means you have to be able to understand the needs of others and provide them with the necessary support. Social workers are needed in many fields such as law, education, healthcare, finance, etc.

What qualifications do you need?

To become a social worker, you require a Bachelor’s degree in social work or a related field and a Master’s degree. Once you have these qualifications, you will need to complete the ASWB examination.

2. Become a counselor

Counselors help people with their mental health. They help them to overcome any issues they might have and give them the guidance they need to become a productive member of society.

Many counseling centers are looking for skilled counselors. A counselor has to be able to understand the needs of their clients and assist them in improving their mental health.

What qualifications do you need?

This really depends on the level of support that you want to provide. For example, if you are looking to become a school counselor and you already have a Bachelor’s degree, then you will need a master’s in school counseling.

3. Become a Psychologist and Help People with Their Mental Health

Psychologists are experts in the human mind. They get to learn about its functions and how the brain processes information. They can utilize this knowledge to help people with their mental health. They can treat people with drug addiction, anxiety, depression, etc.

What qualifications do you need?

The requirements for psychologists differ depending on the specialty that you are interested in. If you are interested in becoming a psychologist, then you will need an undergraduate degree and a Master’s or Doctorate in psychology. You will also have to complete a competency exam from the American Psychological Association or an equivalent organization.

4. Become a Doctor

Becoming a doctor means you will be helping people who are sick or wounded. Becoming a doctor is not easy as it requires many hours of studying subjects such as anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and pathology.

Once you become a doctor, you can choose to work in different areas of medicine, such as family medicine, internal medicine, or general practice. You can also choose to specialize in different fields of medicine, such as geriatric medicine or labor and delivery.

How can you become a doctor?

To become a doctor, you need to complete undergraduate and graduate degree programs. You will also need to pass the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) for each specialty that you choose.

5. Become an Engineer

Engineers design things and create new products that help improve the quality of life for all people. They also work on systems that prevent disasters from happening, such as airbags in vehicles and fire extinguishers in buildings to help protect people from accidents and fires.

Becoming an engineer is not easy as you have to study hard. You will have to take courses such as engineering, math, physics, and English in high school. In college, you will be required to take many courses such as mathematics and science. You may also need to attend graduate school for further education under a Master’s degree or Ph.D. program.

6. Become a Teacher

Teachers help shape the future of children by giving them the foundation they need to succeed in their education and in life. Teachers help children learn about their environment, their culture, and themselves. They also educate children to be better citizens and to be more active participants in their local communities.

Becoming a teacher is hard work. You will have to study hard to become a teacher because there are many requirements such as college courses in mathematics and sciences, college courses in language arts, and education courses.

7. Become an Artist

When you are an artist, you are not choosing to be ordinary but to be extraordinary. You will be making a difference in people’s lives by opening up their minds and their hearts through your creations.

Becoming an artist is more than just drawing or painting pictures. It is about telling stories through your art and connecting with people through your creations. Artists work in many fields such as writing, music, dance, and theatre.

8. Become a Professional Sports Player

Professional sports help people learn about the real world in the process of building character, perseverance, and determination. Professional sports players help children learn how to work with others under pressure while they display their talents and skills on the court or field.

Becoming a professional sports player is not easy. You have to have excellent physical abilities so that you can become a star in your selected sport like basketball, baseball, soccer, etc. There is also an annual training program that you will have to attend before you can start playing in a professional league.

9. Become a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers help people achieve their fitness goals. They help people get healthy while building muscle and losing weight. Personal fitness trainers work with people to develop a fitness plan that helps users achieve their individual goals.

Becoming a personal trainer is not easy. Not only do you need to learn about human physiology, but you will also need to learn about good nutrition and how to develop a fitness plan that meets the needs of your clients. You will also need to get certified to become a personal trainer.

10. Become an Artist/ Musician/ DJ

An artist aspires to create beauty and art in their chosen field. An artist may be a musician, painter, poet, or anyone who creates something beautiful and inspiring in their chosen field of work. When you are an artist, you are creating something that stands out from the ordinary by inspiring others through your creations.

11. Become a Career Counselor

Career counselors help people find careers that they will enjoy and contribute to the community and the economy. Career counselors help people find jobs that are compatible with their skills, interests, values, education, and work history. Not only do career counselors help people find jobs in their chosen profession, but they also provide counseling services to people in search of new careers.

12. Become a Firefighter

Risking your life to save others may seem like a tall order. However, firefighters do just that. Whether it is putting out fires in buildings or saving lives on the highway, firefighters risk their lives daily to save the public from harm.

Becoming a firefighter is not easy as you will have to pass many tests and training before you can put on the uniform. You will also have to work hard throughout your career as a firefighter to gain promotions and respect within your department.

13. Become a nurse

A nurse cares for the sick and injured by helping them heal and get well. Most nurses do this by working in hospitals, clinics, or nursing homes. Often working unsociable hours being a nurse can be stressful and requires personal sacrifice from you and those close to you.

Becoming a nurse is not easy as it requires training and many years of schooling. Most nurses begin their career with a Bachelor’s degree. However, some choose to go to graduate school for additional training. Registered Nurses also need to continue their education throughout their career to maintain their license and keep up with new technologies and treatments.

14. Become an Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists help people get back on their feet by helping them regain their independence at home or in work environments. Occupational therapists help people who are recovering from injuries or diseases, and they help them return to the workforce. They promote an independent and healthy lifestyle through therapy and assistive devices.

Becoming an occupational therapist is not easy because you will have to study hard in college, get a degree in occupational therapy, and pass a certification exam to become a professional.

In Summary

You have the potential to become anything you want if you put your heart, mind, and soul into it. As long as you are willing to work hard and never give up on your dreams, your dreams will come true. Just remember that it is never too late to make changes and accomplish your goals.

A life in service to others is the best legacy any of us can leave behind and one that can lead to a lifelong rewarding career.

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