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The Best Entertainment For When You’re Hosting Guests

by Louise W. Rice

So, you’ve decided that you want to have a dinner party or another type of get-together. Besides cleaning your house and choosing the right foods and snacks, you also have to come up with activities to keep your guests entertained. While that might sound easy on the outside, thinking up activities to keep your guests interested the entire time can, in fact, be a challenge.

Do not worry, though, because you can share many different activities and games with your guests to make them think that yours is the best party they’ve ever attended. All you need are some tips to make sure that none of your guests gets bored, and below are a handful of activities they are certain to enjoy.

1. Have a Coffee Art Night

Everyone loves coffee art, and if you want to do something enjoyable, buy some coffee art kits and let your guests experiment on lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos to develop their artistic skills. Not only is it a lot of fun to see what people come up with, but everyone will love the fact that they can consume their works of art when they’re done! This is fun and tasty at the same time.

2. Consider Hiring an Entertainer

Hiring a comedian or another type of entertainer makes all parties a lot more interesting. An artist who does caricatures is another good idea because people will look forward to having themselves drawn by the caricaturist. Entertainers make all parties a lot more fun, and they work best when the guests choose for themselves if and when to approach the artist.

3. Start an Activity Board

Activity boards can be large bulletin boards or cork boards. Either use post-it notes or let guests write on paper and pin it to the board. You can start by asking each of them to write down their biggest dream, biggest fantasy, etc., without including their name. Then, let everyone read the pieces of paper! It’ll be fun for each guest to guess who wrote what!

4. Play the Voting Game

Write down some questions and let people anonymously put their answers on paper. Ask questions such as “who in this group would be the worst Uber passenger?” Both the questions and the answers will make the game very interesting, and if you use your noggin, you can come up with some hilarious questions.

5. Play the Reverse Pickpocket Game

This game works best in cooler weather when people wear sweaters and such. The goal is to place a cookie (buy a platter from the supermarket beforehand) in someone’s pocket without them knowing it. If they catch you, you have to eat the cookie. If they don’t notice the cookie until later, they have to eat it themselves.

6. Play the Plastic Wrap Game

Before your guests arrive, take plastic wrap and add an item to it. Wrap it around that item, then add another item, and keep going until you have a huge plastic wrap ball. The items can be dollar bills, pens, or anything else that your guests might love. After making everyone sit in a circle, have one person roll dice while another tries to unwrap the ball. That person unwraps until the person with the dice rolls doubles, and they get to keep whatever is inside of the ball. Once the person rolls doubles, the ball is handed to the next guest.

7. Play Truths and Lies

This is an oldie but a goodie. Each person takes turns telling the group three things about themselves, but one is a lie. The rest of the group has to guess which sentences are the truth about the person and which one is a lie.

8. Enjoy Sticker Fun

Give each person a sheet of stickers, and they have to discreetly place each of those stickers on someone else without that person finding out. If they get caught, they have to keep the sticker and try it on another person. The one who gets rid of their stickers first without the others knowing that they’ve been “stickered” is the winner.

9. Play Cards Against Humanity

This has always been an adult-oriented game, but there is now a kid-friendly version as well. It’s both a regular and an online game, so you can play it in person or virtually. Players fill in the blanks in various statements. Many of the statements contain risque or politically incorrect terms, but it’s a fun game for adults of all ages.

10. Rent a Photo Booth

Photo booths that allow people to take pictures of themselves are always popular at parties. People can use props such as funny hats and masks to make the pictures even funnier, and they love taking the photos home with them at the end of the night. It’s also a great way to commemorate a special occasion.

11. Play Blind Man’s Swag

Two players play this game at a time. You set “prizes” all over the room, and they can be just about anything. One of the players is blindfolded, and the other has to tell them how to get to the prize with directions such as “turn left,” “keep straight for a few feet,” etc., until that person reaches the prize. Then the blindfold can come off, and that person can guess what the prize is based on what’s in front of them.

12. Make a Party Bag

Put a bunch of party favors and trinkets inside of a paper bag, and have each guest put their hand in the bag and try to figure out what is inside of it without looking, of course. Once they guess something correctly, the item comes out of the bag so that others don’t cheat. The one who guesses the most items correctly wins.

13. Pick a Nut

Give all of your guests a set of chopsticks or a straw and a bowl, then place either nuts or jelly beans into a plate in the middle of the table. The goal is for each guest to pick up as many nuts/jelly beans as possible using only their chopsticks or straw. Time the game, and the person who gets the most items in their bowl is the winner.

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