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Suzuki Graphics Kit: How To Bring A New Style To Your Dirt Bike

by Louise W. Rice

Just like the name implies, dirt bikes get dirty. These rugged vehicles are made for off-road tracks and trails, so they can take a lot of wear and tear. But, dirt bikes can work hard and still look good with suitable graphics. The following guide will explain how to use and install a graphics kit and find a good one.

Benefits Of A Graphics Kit

There are several good reasons for using a graphics kit. For one thing, it can dramatically improve the appearance of a bike. Decals add color and design that significantly improve a bike’s visual appeal, and they can make an old bike look brand new. An eye-catching motorcycle isn’t just a pleasure to look at. It can also add to the market value of a motorcycle for sale. But, a graphics kit isn’t just for looks. Made of flexible vinyl, graphics kits protect the bike from scuffs and scratches, and when decals get damaged, they’re easy to replace. 

Installing A Graphics Kit

Before installing a new graphics kit on a dirt bike, owners should remove any old decals and inspect the plastic to ensure it’s in reasonably good condition. The next step is to clean the bike and plastic surfaces very thoroughly. The best cleaning product for plastic is a strong degreaser. When the bike is immaculate and dry, it’s time to apply the decals.

The key to getting a smooth cover is to attach the center of the decal to the plastic first and slowly press outward. Patience is key. If air bubbles or wrinkles appear, just lift up the adhesive and reapply it. It’s best to work on a tiny area at a time. If the decal doesn’t easily conform to the shape of the plastic, a hairdryer can be a great tool to heat and soften the vinyl, which will make it easier to stretch and shape. Once a decal is attached, it may be necessary to cut excess material around the edges. 

Install a graphics kit when the bike is somewhat warm for best results. Experts recommend letting a bike sit in a 60-degree (Fahrenheit) garage for several hours before adding decals. In addition, it’s essential to give the decals at least 24 hours to fully bond before taking the bike out for a ride.

Choosing A Graphics Kit

Most people choose a graphics kit for the color, design, and branding. For example, many owners choose decals that represent their favorite racing team. Some owners select graphics that match their other gear. A kit that will look good and last will be made of thick vinyl so that they will stand up to the friction of riding boots and resist the effects of dirt, mud, and gravel. UV protection is another valuable feature that keeps the color from fading or the vinyl breaking down.

Where To Buy A Graphics Kit

Graphics kits are available in many online and in physical buildings. The key to finding a high-quality product is doing a little research to find a reputable dealer and then examining the available options. Product reviews can give helpful information about how long a graphics kit will last under different driving conditions. Finding the fitting graphics kit is the best and fastest way to provide an older bike a cool new look.

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