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Everything You Need to Know About St. Lucia vs Vanuatu Citizenship

by Louise W. Rice

In today’s world, obtaining second citizenship opens up new opportunities in education, business, travel, and tax benefits. Many wealthy people who plan their lives and are looking for new opportunities are interested in obtaining a passport from another country. According to the specialists of Immigrant Invest, such countries may be the small island states of St. Lucia and Vanuatu. Consider their benefits to potential citizens.

Benefits of living on the islands of St. Lucia and Vanuatu

St. Lucia is an island state, which is suitable not only for recreation and travel. It has developed infrastructure, an attractive business environment, and a favorable tax system. Regardless of gender and age, everyone will find an interesting occupation.

In the country, almost all year round, the weather is good. If you want to live and work comfortably among magnificent nature, there is no doubt that this is one of the best places on the planet. St. Lucia citizenship will allow moving to a place of paradise, where life is pleasant and promising.

Vanuatu is more than 80 islands near Australia and New Zealand. Gorgeous pristine nature, clean air, water, and food. The economy is based on 4 basic components: tourism, agriculture, financial services, and cattle breeding. The country has no personal income tax and no capital gains tax, which provides good business opportunities.

Vanuatu has a tropical climate. The weather is mainly hot and humid, there are frequent rains and storms, and the archipelago is also affected by earthquakes. The Vanuatu CBI program allows one to get a passport in just two months and settle in a fabulous country for years.

Comparison of Saint Lucia and Vanuatu: Opportunities for Citizenship

The Saint Lucia CBI program has been in place for many years. It has a special policy for attracting investors. As Zlata Erlach, an expert at the agency Immigrant Invest, points out, it helps to increase the country’s budget revenues.

Quickly obtaining St Lucia citizenship is possible by making the following investments:

  • purchase residential real estate worth 300 thousand dollars and more;
  • contribute 100 thousand dollars to the national economic fund of the country;
  • invest in a local business in the amount of $ 1 million;
  • buy government bonds worth 250 thousand dollars or more.

You can choose any of the options based on the amount you have. St. Lucia’s CBI program is currently the most popular in the world because it is the most affordable.

To get Vanuatu CBI, it is enough to invest in the local government fund:

  • $130,000 for a single person;
  • $150,000 for a couple;
  • $180,000 or more for a family of four.

Additional dependents can be added for an additional fee of $25,000 each. A registration fee will also have to be paid: $5,000. There is another way: buy a property worth at least $100,000 and have a monthly income of at least $2,500.

Both passports provide eligibility to enter 137 countries, including the United Kingdom and Schengen countries for St. Lucia, and 113 countries, including the United Kingdom and Schengen countries for Vanuatu.

How to apply for citizenship in St. Lucia and Vanuatu?

The government, under the St. Lucia citizenship program, imposes the following requirements on those wishing to obtain a passport from the country:

  • age of the majority of the principal applicant;
  • proof of legal income;
  • Absence of a criminal record, sanctions, or other problems with the law of their country or other countries of the world.

If all requirements are met and papers are prepared according to all standards, in 3-4 months, you can get a positive decision on the issuance of a citizen passport. Together with the main applicant can apply for citizenship and members of his family: wife/husband, children, and parents.

Please note that all processes can be carried out online, you can not come to the country. This significantly speeds up the paperwork. This is the main difference from the process of obtaining Vanuatu citizenship: there you need your physical presence.

Anyone who confirms the right to obtain a passport to Vanuatu:

  • personal assets of $500,000 or more, of which $250,000 must be bankable;
  • high position/position in your country;
  • no criminal record and no problems with the law;
  • absence in the sanctions lists of any of the countries of the world, including one’s own country.

There are only a few steps to apply for and get a Vanuatu passport. Submit a pre-package of documents and prepayment. Get approval and apply for a passport. Pay the full amount and wait for the government’s decision. The last step is a half-hour swearing-in ceremony.

So, we have looked at the possibility of getting another passport to move to another country with the right to do business. Now you have the information. And which state to choose, where to live and work, is up to you to decide!

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