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9 Useless Household Items You Can Sell For Some Extra Cash

by Louise W. Rice

Have you ever gazed around your house and wondered if you have too many unused things in your home? Something that you can sell and get some extra cash out of it. That sounds amazing, right?

People usually underestimate the value of household items that are just lying around their homes without any use. They either think they will need those items in the future or don’t know what to do with them. For example, many junk car owners don’t know how to sell a non running car and how to determine its actual value until they try to sell it. To help you get some extra cash in your hand, here is a list of 9 useless household items that you can sell to fetch some cash for.

1. Old Electronics

Do you still own an old DVD/CD player that’s been waiting for you to play it for so many years? Or your childhood gaming console that you stopped playing after buying the latest PSP? You are about to get some handsome amount of money after selling them.

You are not using them anymore, and your heart doesn’t want you to throw them in the trash. The better option is to sell such old electronic items to someone who wants them. Many gadget lovers and collectors are willing to buy old and vintage electronics items for some handsome cash.

2. Old Clothes

If you take a keen look in your closet, you’ll find a large number of clothing items you don’t use anymore. They are just piling up and hoarding all the space in your closet, mainly because they are out of fashion or you have outgrown them. It would be great to sell these old clothes online or to a consignment store to get some cash. Many consignment stores pay upfront in cash or once they sell the clothes on your behalf. You can also sell them online to speed things up.

3. Unused Gift Cards

Selling unused gift cards is a great way to earn some extra money. People often don’t use gift cards because they don’t use the service or product that the gift card offers or simply forget to use them before they expire. Some websites buy these unused gift cards and pay you some portion of their original value. You just have to create an online account on their website. Once you sell it, the information gets transferred electronically, so you don’t have to mail the cards to them.

4. Furniture

Old furniture can take up unnecessary space and spoil the look of your home. That’s why it is best to sell your old furniture to have more space in your home and to earn some money while doing it. You can create listings on sites like Craigslist to sell furniture items.

As everyone knows, furniture items are expensive, even when they are older. On top of that, antique furniture is way more costly than usual household furniture. So if you have any old furniture lying around your home, you can sell it online or offline to get some good deals. You can use that cash to purchase some new furniture for your home.

5. Books & eBooks

Books are like treasures for readers. If you have a collection of books and are an avid reader, you must have a plethora of books piled up in your home. You must have also collected some ebooks from reading online or on your digital reader. You can sell those old books and ebooks online to get some extra cash. You can use this cash to buy new books, novels, or whatever you want to read.

6. Baby Items & Toys

Only a parent can understand how fast a child grows up. If you are a parent, you must have gone through the ordeal of buying new baby clothes, toys, and other baby items every few months. As kids outgrow their clothes in a few months, it makes sense for parents to buy used baby items like toys, strollers, etc., to save some money. If you have such old baby items lying around in your home, you can sell them and get some cash for yourself. You might end up helping some other new parents.

7. Sports Equipment

Remember the time you used to play golf on weekends? It sounds like it was centuries ago, right? Why not sell those clubs and other unused sports equipment to get some money? If you have a lot of old sports equipment in your garage, you can sell them and free some space in the garage while showering some cash into your pockets. Now, that sounds like a good deal!

8. Jewelry

Jewelry is a great gift, but it doesn’t make sense to hoard that out-of-fashion jewelry when you can sell it and buy new jewelry. If you plan to sell valuable jewelry with gold, diamonds, or pearls, make sure to get it appraised to know its actual value before selling it. You can use this money to buy new jewelry or to fund your new business. The opportunities are endless.

9. Junk Car

Has anyone ever told you that a junk car lying around in front of your home brings a bad omen? Broken things are deemed inauspicious in many cultures, so it’s best to either repair the car or sell it to junk car buyers. If you don’t know how to sell a non running car, you can watch various tutorials that will help you understand your car’s value and how to negotiate to get the best deal out of selling your junk car.

Many junk car buyers also have free pickup service, so you don’t have to worry about spending money on towing services. You can use the money you get by selling your used junk car to buy a new and better one. All you have to do is get in touch with junk car buyers, and they will visit you to take a look at the car, fix the deal, and tow it to their dealership or junkyard. All of this transaction usually takes a day to finish, so you don’t have to deal with it for several days.

Now that you know various useless household items in your home, you can sell them and fetch yourself some good cash without going through any hassle.

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