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4 Simple Tricks To Save On Online Entertainment In The UK

by Louise W. Rice

If you’ve set up a new saving plan and want to cut down expenses to reach your target, checking the money you spend on entertainment will be one of the first places to look. Even though entertainment may be a luxury, as something that brings you pleasure and increases your quality of life, it should not be written off completely. Instead, these tricks will help you cut your spending on online entertainment, without having to give up your favorite movies, shows, and games.

Declutter your subscriptions

It’s the age of subscriptions. With all the movie, series, music, and game subscription services, it can be easy to lose track of which platforms are taking money out of your account each month. Have a look at all your subscriptions and ask yourself which ones you’re actively using and which ones you’d be willing to cancel. Instead of subscribing to Netflix, Now, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, it could save you a lot of money if you rotate the most popular streaming services in the UK and only subscribe to one at a time.

Monthly subscriptions can easily be paused and restarted, making it easy to cut spending on the ones you don’t use. The same goes for all other platforms and apps you may be subscribed to. From music to games and eBooks, check all the services you’re paying for each month. Cancel the ones you don’t use much, and keep only a small number that you use regularly.

Share your memberships

Another great way to save money on your subscriptions is to share your memberships. Many services offer shared plans that allow you to use their service with other users. Spotify, for instance, has a Premium Duo plan that can be shared among two listeners, saving both a lot of money. Via Amazon Household, it’s also possible to share Prime benefits and digital content with someone else, while Netflix’s Premium plan allows up to four devices to stream at the same time.

Sharing your costs with a roommate, friend, or family member could therefore save all of you money. While most gaming subscriptions can’t be shared as of now, the popular game subscription service Xbox Game Pass has announced it will be introducing a family plan that will allow gamers to share their subscriptions with up to four users.

Use ad-supported or free services

Recently, it has become more popular for platforms to offer ad-supported services at a cheaper rate or for free, allowing you to still enjoy their entertainment offering while cutting expenses. Netflix has introduced a cheaper ad-supported plan, while Amazon went all the way and introduced the Freevee streaming platform that allows users to stream TV shows and movies for free, but with ads.

Similarly, Spotify has always had a free membership on offer that allows you to stream endless music for free with ads and certain restrictions. You could also revive the good old live radio, which is still completely free of charge today, to listen to music. If you’re looking to play games without spending money, you’ll find a long list of free-to-play titles in your app store, on PC gaming platforms, and even for your console. Even some giant hits such as Fortnite or Rocket League can be played without spending a dime.

Take advantage of sales and special promotions

Especially when it comes to games, waiting for sales and making use of promotions is the best way to save. New games can be very pricey upon release, but if you can wait and buy the game later once it’s on sale, you can save big time. Game stores such as Steam or the PlayStation Store and Amazon run sales regularly with large discounts on both new and older titles.

Even if you want to play classic games such as online slots, promotions run by online casinos can help you get the most out of your gaming session. Some of the best casino bonuses in the UK, which have been reviewed by experts, offer free spins, credits, or cashback that allow you to play for less. There is also a variety of platforms available, which continuously scan the web for discounts, coupons, and the best deals for all types of services and products. Signing up for sites such as Honey or Groupon will help you get the best deals.

The world of entertainment has never been as big and varied as today. Use these simple tricks to trim your expenses on online entertainment, while still enjoying the endless offers available online.

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