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Relationships in Black Couples: How to Build a Strong Family?

by Louise W. Rice

There are countless studies that deal with black relationships and families. Some focus on the fact that black men are most likely to leave their families, others on the fact that black families are some of the strongest families around where everyone shares a deep connection.

It seems that, like in all kinds of relationships, between all ethnicities, there are polar opposites to consider. But how do you manage to find a relationship based on love and trust and build a beautiful, strong family? Let’s find out.

Finding a Black Partner

There are two main ways to find a black partner which have better chances of succeeding in the long run. You can either meet a black man or woman in the church or at singles mixers that happen all around. As an option, you can try a black dating site for sure. Nowadays, people tend to spend less time in church, and churches are more suited to an older demographic, so if you are a young man or woman and are trying to find a life partner, your best chance is to go online.

There are several online dating websites that cater specifically to black men and women. The first thing you need to do is pick one that is meant for serious, long-term commitments which eventually lead to marriage, and stay away from hookup websites and those for casual affairs.

Establishing a Relationship

Once you’ve decided to start dating again and are ready to find a partner and settle down, and have made an account on an online dating website, it’s time to chat.

Use the filter provided by the website to find someone to your liking. You can pick by body type, by location, by religion, by education level, job, whatever you desire.

When you’ve finally settled on someone, it’s time to initiate conversation. If you’ve set your preferences right and start chatting by truly getting to know one another, you will be on the right track.

Setting the Relationship Rules

Just because you are using online dating services to meet people doesn’t mean that you are looking for a shallow relationship. Discuss all the things that are important to you, all your deal breakers, and set firm rules in place.

Let them know that you are looking to get married, have a problem with cheating, don’t believe in open relationships, and want to have kids(if that’s what you desire). Whatever it is you are searching for, let them know from the beginning.

Don’t jump in without knowing what the other one desires, or you will end up broken-hearted and alone with even more time wasted.

Creating a Strong Family Bond

If you’ve found someone who shares your values, someone who you get along with nicely, and who has similar dreams, hopes, and aspirations, you can begin dating. Take it slow and get to know one another better spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually before getting into something physical.

If you build your relationship on sex, that’s what it will be about until you break up. If you build it on trust, communication, love, and understanding, you have great odds of sticking together until the end.

Meet their friends and their family, connect on a deeper level. If you get along with everyone and have a strong bond between the two of you, chances are you will be married soon enough.

Even after marriage and children, keep spending time together, set up date nights, and communicate through everything. If there’s trust, love, and communication, you will have a strong family.

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