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Quick And Easy Tips For Storing Your Cannabis In The Right Manner

by Louise W. Rice

Consuming cannabis and feeling great while having the same are two distinct stories of a weeder’s life. Having good quality marijuana at your disposal can make you high and thus require careful handling and storage. 

You cannot simply stash your plain jane delta 8 in any nook and corner of your house and expect it to give you a great feel while you plan to smoke them. You have to buy from a reputable online cannabis store like weed-seeds.com that sells quality products and treat them right to enjoy the real flavors. So here is how you can store your weeds:

Use airtight containers

Just like any other household spices and eatables, your weeds need airtight storage too. Hence, an airtight container is one such thing that you should invest in to keep your weeds safely stored. 

Also, consider going in for airtight glass containers over plastic ones because plastics being synthetic in nature can considerably reduce the potency of the weeds. So, an airtight glass container is all that you may want to save your weeds from being oxidized by the air and moisture out there to maintain the potency of the weeds. 

Keep it at bay from light

Another thing you need to ensure while storing your weeds is to keep them at bay from too much light exposure. Excessive light can cause your weeds to degrade; thus, dark places stand out to be the ideal storage spaces for weeds. 

For people who grab their weed supplies multiple times a day, a glass jar with UV ray protection can be considered a better option.

Maintain cool temperatures

Going in the same air, wind, and water line, weeds should be stored at cool places. Placing the weed jar on a window sill may be an easy-to-grab for you, but the heat that it may absorb all day may actually not be good for your weeds. 

Heat can alter the chemical composition of the elements present in the weeds, and all you may end up with is cooked phytocannabinoids, which may degrade the quality. So always store your jars at places that are dark, shady, and cool.

Humidity packs

If you want to be a bit extra careful about your weeds, you can use humidity packs to maintain the weeds’ flavor, color, and shape. Humidity packs stand out to effectively maintain the humidity levels of your marijuana and bridge the gap between high and low moisture contents.

Say no to plastic bags

It may sound quite convenient to grab a plastic bag and store your weeds in it once and for all. But you need to know that plastic bags are porous in nature and are thus capable of draining out the moisture content from your weeds, making them settle inside the polybag. 

This moisture content can give birth to bacteria and mold, which are obviously not suitable for your weeds and can contaminate them abruptly.


Right storage of weeds is directly proportional to its effectiveness and flavors. Thus it is vital to store them in the right conditions to make your marijuana give you a high-end smoking experience

So now, since you know a few do’s and don’ts, we hope you will take all this into account while you grab your next set of weed staples. 

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