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Pygeum Supplementation For Prostate Health

by Louise W. Rice

A lot of buzzes is roaming around regarding the Pygeum supplementation for prostate health. However, there is no scientific proof available till now that can claim the effectiveness of Pygeum in treating a number of prostate health issues.

However, research has been conducted throughout the years which states that Pygeum has actually helped in improving a lot of prostate health issues. Here, in this article, we will talk about Pygeum supplementation for prostate health.

All About Pygeum And Pygeum Supplementation

Pygeum is nothing but a herbal extract, which is extracted from the bark of African Cherry trees. This particular tree is mostly popular with the name of the African plum tree, and the scientific name of this tree is Prunus africanum.

Due to its herbal property, it has already gained popularity among people with prostate issues. Now, a lot of Pygeum supplements are available from different manufacturers. This way, the accessibility of Pygeum is increasing.

The extract is made into powder and then put in capsules and pills for making the Pygeum supplements.

Benefits Of Pygeum Supplementation For Prostate Health

As now you have gained the basic information about Pygeum and its supplements, it is time to look at how these Pygeum supplements are helping in prostate health issues.

1. Help Treating BPH Or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Among men over the age of 50 years, enlarged prostate, or BPH, is a really common sexual health condition. It was 2000 when the research was conducted, which has shown Pygeum as one of the top remedies for BPH symptoms.

As per the research, the Pygeum’s effects were actually at a moderate level to pharmaceuticals, but overall significant. Here are some of the symptoms that can be eased by using Pygeum supplementations.

  • Inflammation.
  • Pain.
  • Incontinence.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Night urination or nocturia.

2. Help In Treating Prostate Cancer

A reputation has been developed regarding Pygeum that it is capable of potentially reducing the risk of prostate cancer. Studies have also shown that along with offering BHP benefits, this supplementation is also able to provide protection against cancerous prostate cells.

Our body has androgen receptors, which actually control prostate growth. Pygeum supplementation directly acts on those receptors. When Pygeum reduces the risk of BHP, it is automatically reducing the risk factor of prostate cancer.

3. Help In Treating Prostatitis Symptoms

For the treatment of prostatitis, Pygeum is considered an alternative treatment. Several study reports are there to support this statement. Pygeum supplements are even compared to antibiotics. In a study, no differences had been noticed between antibiotics and Pygeum.

Due to the anti-inflammatory benefits of Pygeum, it also helps in prostatitis. Just the way it helps in easing the symptoms of BHP, Pygeum helps with the symptoms of prostatitis as well. Following symptoms are included in the list of those types of symptoms.

  • Inflammation.
  • Pain.
  • Flow.
  • Night urination.
  • Urination frequency.

4. Help In Reducing General Inflammation

From the above discussion, we get to know that Pygeum is really effective in reducing some of the prostate health-related symptoms like inflammation. So, we can say that it has some anti-inflammatory properties.

Research also suggests that Pygeum has some antioxidant activity. It has the ability to downregulate oxidative inflammation and stress in the prostate, urinary tracts, or kidneys. It can make Pygeum supplementation effective for curbing inflammation along with strengthening immunity.

5. Help In Treating Symptoms Of Kidney Disease

As it can reduce or help in treating prostate and urinary-related symptoms, it also can be effective in helping with kidney diseases. In a few numbers of kidney disease research articles, Pygeum supplementation is mentioned as a treatment.

Inflammation, pain, night urination, frequent urination are all the symptoms of kidney diseases. Pygeum can really help quite a little with all these. But it still has not been shown in order to treat to get rid of any type of kidney disease.

6. Help In Treating Urinary Conditions

When we are looking into the benefits of Pygeum, we are getting to see that most of the benefits center hugely on the urinary system. It similarly extends to its benefits for bladder or urinary conditions as well.

Bladder infection, UTI in men, or urinary tract infection, and a lot of things can be helped with Pygeum supplementation. A review conducted in 2014 showed the mention of Pygeum among the most notable herbs for urinary conditions.

Final Talks

From the above discussion, we believe you have developed an idea about Pygeum supplementation for prostate health. Still, if you have any queries or doubts, feel free to reach us; we would love to answer your queries as soon as possible.

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