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PSP ROMS: What You Should Know About Them

by Louise W. Rice

When it comes to the gaming scene, you can see that the market is oversaturated with various game titles and consoles. Today we have many cool consoles and games with perfect graphics, excellent sound effects, and fantastic gameplay. However, nothing can be compared to old-classic games like Mario or the Legend of Zelda that we played in childhood.

Of course, the Playstation Portable is not offered for sale anymore, but you can still play all the games developed for this device, and in this comprehensive post, we’ll analyze how you can do that. Simply put, we’ll review the primary tools needed to play old-classic games when you don’t have a gaming console at your disposal.

PSP ROMS: Why They Are Used in Retro Gaming

Many years ago, all the games were stored on cartridges, but they weren’t used anymore as time moved on. This technology is already obsolete so far. However, retro games are still alive, and all this is thanks to ROM (or the Read-Only Memory). In current times, retro games are stored in the form of ROMs because this format is considered the most reliable one. Its main distinctive feature is reliability because the data stored on them is well protected. ROMs are used for storing vital information.

PlayStation Portable is not offered for sale anymore, but all the games developed for this console are still alive, and you can still reach them. All you need to do is download PSP ROMs that you like and play them on your device.

Let’s take a closer look at the most successful game titles explicitly developed for this console:

  • Half-Minute Hero;
  • Killzone: Liberation;
  • Jeanne d’Arc;
  • Secret Agent Clank;
  • Every Extend Extra;
  • Ys Seven;
  • Mega Man Powered Up;
  • Gran Turismo PSP;
  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

All these games have numerous positive reviews from users and a high rating. If you have never played them before, now is the best time to do this. If you played them in childhood, rerun them to relive your childhood emotions.

Why Do You Need an Emulator?

An emulator is another tool needed to run retro games on your computer or laptop. If you don’t have a PSP console, but you have a strong desire to play old-classic games, download an emulator and run ROM files in it. The main role of an emulator is to imitate the work of a gaming console on your smartphone, computer, or laptop. This hardware enables your computer system to behave like another one. In other words, this program works like a gaming console on your device.

Some emulators are open-source and cross-platform solutions, whereas others are developed for only one operating system. So you always need to check this information before you download an emulator on your device. Beyond this, you should also check the feedback of users to make sure the chosen emulator is safe and reliable. According to gamers’ feedback, Rapid, RetroArch, PSplay, Rocket, and JPCSP are the best emulators that guarantee smooth gameplay. All these tools allow you to jump into the world of retro gaming and enjoy your favorite games.

We hope that now you know how to run PSP games even today on your iPhones or Android-based devices. Download an emulator and PSP ROMS and start playing your favorite retro games right away!

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