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Proof That Running School Works For Kids

by Louise W. Rice

Running as a child is a joyous experience. Moving towards adulthood, we carry many fond memories. Running towards an ice cream truck or sprinting off towards the water for the most epic cannonball of our young life. Once children reach school age, they begin to get more involved in after-school sports and physical activities.

Running Should Be Fun!

Running should be exciting, as well as good for you physically. With each child, there are different levels of fitness and endurance. Having an engaging and rewarding environment teaches children 6 to 12 years of age different techniques to run longer distances and enjoy an athletic level activity.

The importance of a running school has proven success with intensive research and data for adults and children.  With that physical involvement comes victories and injuries, if not taught the basics of running. Not to mention, training to run will be beneficial in your child’s life, beyond sports or physical activities.

Can Your Child Benefit From A Running Program?

The efficient teachings of correct posture and form are essential to running to build confidence and motivation. The opportunity to develop the mechanics of running can influence the relationship between performance and kinetics.

What are the benefits of running techniques?

  1. Ability to learn a sprinting method that allows for a straight and vertical posture with the correction on pace and balance of weight distribution on each foot.
  2. They begin to recognise the motion of their body, including the knee joints and the position of each stride.
  3. Comfort level and understanding, there is a balance between personal athletic performance and stamina.
  4. Avoiding injury with appropriate running biomechanics.
  5. They are directing their stride in a more balanced and confident manner, regardless of body growth spurts that could cause issues with coordination and balance.

Future Benefits of Running

Running, in general, is an excellent cardio workout for children and adults. Children learning healthy habits sets them up, for a successful future in academic sports and physical and mental health. The opportunity to be equipped with correct posture, braking, vertical oscillation, stride parameters, and upper and lower limb angle.

Is just the beginning of the instruction and life lessons provided in a Running School Program. Children in exchange are mentally cognitive and upbeat in school. Better rest patterns, proper weight management, and the ability to control and avoid future health risks such as cholesterol and diabetes.


Let’s consider the opportunity your child has of learning how to run to excel in football or track and field or any sport they so desire. Taking the class gives your child the tools they need in the future to understand that they should invest in their health and wellness. Understanding your body is difficult for a child, but when the techniques are taught in a fun and interactive way.

Your child has a tool to understand if they move in a specific direction while running, they will prevent injuries themselves. Or maybe they will slowly understand that they may need to rest instead of pushing themselves further. Remember, knowledge is a gift, but taking control of your health is power.

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