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Make Your Sport And Shoes Go Hand-in-Hand

by Louise W. Rice

Who doesn’t love walking into a store and being dazzled by the number of shoes they have? It can sometimes be a bit overwhelming dealing with the options placed in front of you, but one thing to remember is that looks aren’t all that matters when buying new shoes.

Yes, it is tempting to want to walk out of the store with all the shoes that caught your eye but ask yourself this- do you want shoes that make you uncomfortable? Do you want shoes that would hinder your performance when performing activities or enhance any problems you originally had? If not, then there are some factors to consider when buying a new pair of sneakers or athletic shoes at the Australian Nike stores.

Why are you buying

Answering this question lays down the foundation for the shoes you decide to buy. It gives you a place to start and provides a direction for later shopping.

Why are you getting a new pair of shoes? Do you need something for dance lessons, running, hiking, or walking? Are you playing basketball or football with your friends over the weekend and need a new pair of athletic shoes? Your purpose for shopping helps to break down the process into manageable pieces.

From there, you can decide on a budget and look for shoes within it. You can also consider the appearance because the shoes have to appeal to you to make you want to take them home.

It would be good to know the different types of athletic shoes as they are designed to fit different activities. For a quick jog or walk, go for a pair of walking shoes. If you want to go running or hiking, there are running shoes at the AU Nike stores that you would like. There are court sports shoes for sports like tennis, volleyball, and basketball that require you to do a lot of running around. For sports like football and baseball, where you would be running in a field, there are field sport shoes to make moving in such an environment easier.

You can also find specialty shoes for sports like golfing or bicycling and shoes used for recreational activities.

Check the fit

If you get the chance, go to the store to check the fit instead of shopping online. To determine the fit, put them on and make sure you have a pair of socks that you would normally wear.

The next step is to try to use it to perform the activity you are buying it for. Test run it on a treadmill and walk in it for a while. Sit, stand and perform various activities with it. If you intend to use it for dual purposes like walking and running, it would be advisable to try running with it. This can reveal any effects or potential issues you would have experienced with the shoes.

Your athletic shoes should not be too tight or free but should have enough wiggle room for your feet. It’s best to get it half size bigger than your normal size to provide enough room for your feet. The shoes should also be comfortable enough that you don’t feel any pressure when performing certain activities.

Can you return the shoes?

The store needs to have a good return policy if you don’t love your experience with it after purchase. This applies especially when shopping online, as you cannot try the shoes before buying, and you shouldn’t be stuck with shoes you don’t love.

Plus, returning shoes after a poor experience provides you with additional information to use for your next buy.

Check the Soles

The soles have a lot to do when protecting your feet and impacting your overall performance when performing activities. It should be sturdy enough to protect you from dangerous objects and have enough grip to prevent slipping and unnecessary accidents. You would try walking on hard surfaces to test the grip of the shoes.

The right pair of shoes for you should have enough cushioning to protect your feet from the shock that comes when making contact with the ground. It should support your feet, especially when there are underlying issues, and make it easier to go about your daily activities. Good shoes should be comfortable and make you feel good.

That’s why you cannot rush the process. Take your time when buying shoes because each buy has to count.

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