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Later VS. Hootsuite: Full Comparison Between Social Media Tool

by Louise W. Rice

Social media is premised on the idea of regular posting. Every brand aims to post once or twice a day while also creating stories. However, designing and planning stories or posts isn’t an easy task. In fact, if you want to post at a specific time, it is even more distressing as you need to be online at that time unless you have a tool that enhances your scheduling functionality. This is where tools become important. They help you design the posts and stories and prepare them days or even months before while also determining the occasion to post them.

In this article, we shall discuss two very popular Instagram scheduling platforms: Later and Hootsuite, and how they help increase engagement on Instagram and gain more Instagram followers. For this, we shall indulge in the kind of Instagram services they provide. 

1. The Signing Up Process

The first criteria to compare is the signing up process which is generally the same in all managing platforms. Sign up on their website and use your email to create an account with them, after which you connect your Instagram page by logging in. While the process may be the same, Hootsuite has an unusual feature.

  • Later vs. Hootsuite

When you create an account with Hootsuite, it also asks for payment details. While it has a 30-day free trial plan, to avail of it, you need to enter your bank details. After your free trial period ends, Hootsuite will, without permission, charge you unless you have canceled your subscription. Isn’t that unsafe and uncomfortable? Every platform attempts to make the signup process as smooth as possible. For instance: even the AiSchedul Instagram managing platform has a free plan option, too, and yet, they don’t require your bank details. Later has a very easy sign-up process, very straightforward procedures with no hidden charging that might make you unsafe and uncomfortable. 

2. The User Interface

This is another important criterion that attracts users. The accessibility and simplicity are important for users to have a comfortable experience. This is more evident when you get Instagram likes that need to be managed. Moreover, the options must be easy to comprehend for the users, or there must be a guide that can help them sail through. 

  • Later vs. Hootsuite

Later has a strong, visually appealing interface. They have straightforward features that are artistically designed and not at all confusing. There is a tutorial that will help you comprehend what you don’t understand. Thus, it is not only accessible but also aesthetically simplistic in its design.

Hootsuite’s interface is reasonable as it offers various kinds of services but is not as simple as Later. They have, however, too many panel openings that are not desirable. It’s a little confusing with so many accounts, and you might not be able to find your way since too many windows will be open.

3. Content Scheduling

Content scheduling is a very important criterion for any brand or organization to increase their Instagram engagement or Instagram followers. It helps you create content days ahead and plan your schedule for posting. 

  • Later vs. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is perfect when it comes to content scheduling. They not only design your post but also see their preview. You need to just select your account over which you want it to be posted and the date. The content will automatically get posted at the specified time. While on Later, when you connect your account, you have downloaded the app. It doesn’t provide you the option of auto-publishing. You create and design a story, you will receive a notification at the specified time, after which your edits and photo will be copied to your phone, which will be posted manually. Thus, Hootsuite is much better in this category. 

4. Price

This is another important factor that users consider while looking at the managing platforms. You intend to look for those platforms that are affordable and fit your budget criteria. Let’s compare Later and Hootsuite based on this criteria. 

  • Later vs. Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers various plans for different businesses. Their price range is expensive as compared to other managing platforms, and thus are not affordable. The reason behind this is that they cost you more because they provide you different kinds of services. However, these features are not that popular and might be of no use. As compared to this, Later offers a reasonable price and multiple services within it. They have a free plan option too for which you don’t have to add your bank details. These are both said to be one of the best social media management tools, although you can look for some top social media managing companies to get your work done.

5. Other features.

Both Later and Hootsuite provide other kinds of services as well. To know more about them, visit their website or use their trial plan. Hootsuite has brilliant features that help you target audiences. They also have tools to be updated about social campaigns and other social advertisements. It has much more users than Later because they also support multiple social networks. On the other hand, Later has a bio link feature that Hootsuite doesn’t provide. This tool, named Linkin. Bio helps you design landing pages that will help you target followers, to the links you want. 

This article compared the two managing platforms, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. If you want to find the most apt platform that will help you increase engagement and followers, you must check out their price range and schedule functionality.

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