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6 Things To Know About Aruba

by Louise W. Rice

The Caribbean is one of the best places to go on vacation. Aruba is specifically a great place where you will be guaranteed of the best time of your life.

With the numerous beaches all around the Island, the beautiful scenery, and beautiful weather, a vacation in Aruba is one of the most incredible experiences you can have.

If you are looking to take your family out on vacation to Aruba or have some time off your busy schedule, there are some things you should know about the breathtaking Island.

1. It’s Cruise Friendly

A vacation on the water with the wind and fresh air is something we all dream about. The Port of Aruba found in downtown Oranjestad makes it possible for you to experience a true vacation on a cruise to Aruba.

You also get to shop and dine a short distance from your ship as you explore the city and its culture. You can even book a tour around the city while still on your ship.

2. Has Numerous Beautiful Beaches

A vacation is never complete without spending some time on the beach. In Aruba, you have the chance to spend your entire vacation on the beach, watching the sunrise and set on the beautiful ocean horizon.

Their white sand beaches are among the most spectacular scenery not only in the Caribbean but globally. There are beaches all around the city, and you get to choose which one you want to spend your vacation on.

If you have an interest in swimming, the Arashi and Malmok beaches are the best for you. If you like windsurfing or kitesurfing, or boarding in strong waves and currents, the Boca Grandi, Black Stone, Boca Prins, and Bachelor’s beaches are great for you.

You can also enjoy a beautiful sunny day sunbathing on the sand on the beautiful Eagle beach.

3. Plenty Of Clean Drinking Water

When traveling to a new place, one of the major concerns is drinking water. We mostly have bottled water in case the water is not safe for drinking. If you are visiting Aruba, you might want to leave that bottled water behind.

The water in Aruba is safe for drinking even from the tap. Aruba is recognized to have some of the purest water globally, and you are even recommended to drink it from the tap.

There is a saltwater distillation plant where all the water comes from and the water the highest World Health Organization’s standards.

4. Easy To Travel

Traveling in and out of Aruba is very easy and convenient. Weekly, the Aruban Airport has over 100 direct flights from 14 North United States gateways plus one-stop connections from nearly all cities in Canada and The United States.

There are also international flights from selected Latin American and European countries. Convenience is also guaranteed when traveling to Aruba because if you are traveling with a foreign currency, you do not have to change it to florin (Afl).

5. Express Your Sexuality

There is a lot of discrimination and stigma against the LQBTQ community that makes it hard for them to be in public places. In Aruba, feel free to bring your loved one, no matter their gender.

It is one of the gay-friendly destinations because, as part of the Netherlands Kingdom, it recognizes and allows same-sex marriages legal in the Netherlands. There are some beautiful destinations for gay weddings and beachfront resorts.

The International Lesbian and Gay Travel Association are also in Aruba with the Divi family of resorts and The Ritz-Carlton Aruba.

6. It Is Safe In Aruba

Many tourists often worry about their safety no matter where they visit. Caribbean islands are known for their high crime rates because their economy has a high dependence on tourism, colonialism, inequality, and sub-par infrastructure.

However, Aruba is an exception. Over the years, it has been known as the safest Caribbean destination, with low petty crimes and violence rates. The main reason for the safety is that the majority of the citizens are in the middle class. This controls social classism and the cost of living, which reduces inequality and offers a level of quality of life for all residents.

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