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Ja Morant’s Five Star Performance Against the Nets and 4 Other Great Individual Performances We’ve Seen in the 2021/2022 NBA Season

by Louise W. Rice

In the course of the 2021/2022 NBA season, we have seen so many stellar performances. New records have been set, old records have been broken, and there is still more to come. We have had outstanding performances from players like Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Ja Morant.

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Many exciting things have happened this season, and many players have given fans performances worthy of note. Let’s talk about some fantastic performances from some of our favorite players this season, starting with Ja Morant’s ‘Five Star’ Performance Against the Nets.

  • Ja Morant

The point guard wowed fans and spectators at the Barclays Center during the Grizzlies game against the Brooklyn Nets. Morant is a star, and he came to impress once again, throwing the crowd into a frenzy with his fantastic gameplay in the game.

He made an outstanding dunk that will live in spectators’ minds for a very long time. He outran Kevin Durant and De ’Andre Bembry to the basket. With this speed, the star delivered a rim-rattling dunk which caused the spectators to roar in excitement.

The star scored 36 points for his team, and he scored 18 of those points in the third quarter of the game. Apart from delivering a high-scoring game, he also wouldn’t let the Brooklyn Nets score more than they did with a resolute defensive performance. The game ended with a 118 – 104 win for the Grizzlies, and Morant gave his team a quarter of those points while five other players made up the remaining 86 points. The young player is indeed a force to reckon with and should be watched out for in the future.

  • Steph Curry

The Golden State shooting guard has shown extreme talent in the 2021/2022 NBA season. Steph Curry is not an unfamiliar name to basketball lovers. He is a star and has had several years of a fantastic career.

One game to note this season was the face-off between the Golden State Warriors and the Bulls. This game was already destined to be packed with exciting events because two great teams would be facing each other.

Steph Curry led his team to victory by scoring 40 points. He also had 5 assists and 4 rebounds. The game ended in 93 – 119 for the warriors, and Curry was responsible for nearly half of those points. With this kind of play, he is a strong contender for the MVP title this year.

  • Lebron James

Who doesn’t know King James? His excellence is well known by all NBA fans, and he is definitely having a fantastic season again. He ended 2021 with a number of great games for the Lakers.

After celebrating his 37th birthday, people have been expecting less from Lebron because of his age. This multi-position player has scored many double-digit points for his team the past year, but he made a different statement in the game against the Trail Blazers on New Year’s eve by delivering a season all high of 43 points.

Fans’ confidence has been restored with his outstanding performance in the game that closed the year. He helped the Lakers to secure a 139 – 130 victory for Lakers and now holds the NBA record as the oldest player to score over 40 points and 14 rebounds in a single game.

  • Kevin Durant

One word which has often been used to describe this star player is incredible. He is one of the most-watched players of the NBA 2021/2022 season and has kept fans on the edge of their seats throughout games.

This power forward player for the Brooklyn Nets leads in total scores for the season and has shown no signs of stopping now. With the help of other notable players like Blake Griffin Nets and Bruce Brown, Durant is taking the Nets to the pinnacle of the NBA.

The game against the Pistons was simply a delight for spectators.  He started the game slowly and scored only 10 points in the first quarter. He came back with a bang and scored 41 points in the rest of the game.

This was a record-breaking game, as Durant has scored over 50 points in only 7 games before now. That was not all. He gave his teammates 9 assists, making him responsible for 60 points in that game.

The game ended in 116-104 in favor of the nets, with Durant making this possible by giving the team nearly half of the entire points. With performances like this, even if the Nets sign a new star at the end of the season, Durant will still be the most talked about player on the team.

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis is a 26-year-old player who is already making a name for himself in the NBA. He has been fantastic this season and has been named one of the top three players to look out for in 2022.

This multi-position player for the Bucks team has led his team to victory six times in a row this season. He has been described as unstoppable, as he showed great skill in games against some of the top teams in the league and still managed to secure wins.

He started 2022 with a bang in the Milwaukee Bucks game against the New Orleans Pelicans. They were able to secure a 136 – 113 win, with Antetokounmpo giving his team 35 points, 16 rebounds, and 10 assists. Since his return to the court, he has been nothing but impressive, and we expect to see more amazing things from him as the season progresses.


We have seen so many fantastic gameplays in the 2021/2022 NBA season. And as the season continues to heat up, we expect to see new records set, and more amazing displays. Fans are advised to watch out for the teams and players mentioned above as we continue to anticipate great things from them. And yes, it doesn’t matter if a player wears the Harden 5 White Shoes or not, a star will always be a star.

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