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5 Top Tips to Increase Sales With Email Marketing

by Louise W. Rice

If your business is looking to expand its reach and boost sales using email marketing this year, you’ve come to the right place. This popular channel has long been an integral part of a profitable modern-day eCommerce marketing strategy.

Emails are deeply embedded in the daily lives of consumers from all over the world. This makes it the perfect avenue to reach people, especially when campaigns are executed in a way that compliments messaging on other marketing channels. This article covers the five top tips to increase revenue from email marketing.

1. Implement Engaging Email Marketing Campaigns

If you’re planning on leveling up your marketing efforts in the near future, investing in high-quality content is a great way to lay the foundation to do so. A beautiful template created effortlessly and shared through a marketing automation tool (like the one from Sendlane) can only go so far if the written content isn’t up to standard.

Engaging, well-crafted campaigns will make all the difference when it comes to building trust with your audience. This encourages interaction and will eventually drive new sales to your online store. Investing in excellent content means adding creative experts (possibly freelancers) into the mix that can create relevant, topical, and consistently on-brand messaging with every campaign.

2. Develop Your Audience Relationship

In order to tap into the full attention span of your audience, it’s important to know and develop the relationship your brand has with its audience. Doing so allows you to get to know their interests better, making it easier to split the master list up into segments that can be targeted in a more personalized way.

This will lead to specialized campaigns that are more likely to have high levels of interaction. Eventually, turning a hot lead into a sale will be easier. Nurture the customers who arrived at your store organically in particular, as these are more likely to turn into return customers, primarily because they didn’t have to be convinced by a PPC campaign or a hard sell.

3. Grow Your Subscriber Base In-House

While it’s great to capture new subscribers for your email master list through social media campaigns, there is a low-hanging fruit that should be targeted too. Adding subscribers directly from your website is an easy way to grow your audience in-house. These leads are likely to engage better with your content, as they are already on your website, to begin with.

A dedicated website landing page or a clear and concise pop-up should do the trick. Also, think about adding a checkbox for the customer to subscribe to your list while they add their details to make a sale, as these consumers can be targeted with new messaging as part of an existing customers segment list.

4. Use Analytics to Your Benefit

Increasing sales with email marketing require you to actively monitor how each of your campaigns is doing, in order to keep improving from one to the next. Collect good metrics, however possible, including carving out time with the marketing team to study what went wrong and where things could be done better.

Analytics is the key to understanding the way your audience behaves, as well as finding out which types of content are best for which segments. Armed with this knowledge, your creative campaigns can run wild. You’ll never have to worry about sending out a bulk mail blast and hoping that it sticks with a few people along the way.

5. Optimize Across the Board

In order for your campaigns to hit the mark with their audience, they should be delivered in a way that is optimized for as many mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops as possible. Optimization is also important in terms of your actual website, but especially so for the landing pages, you are directing people to in your emails.

Ticking the boxes at all touchpoints in the campaign means not having to worry about coming off as unprofessional, or worse, leading to higher delete or unsubscribe rates. By ensuring the technical side is sorted, you’ll also avoid high bounce rates, which is always a plus point on a KPI report.

In summary

With these tips in tow, you’ll be able to increase your online sales with email marketing in no time at all.

By approaching every campaign as a learning opportunity, your broader marketing strategy can be refined on a continuous basis. This makes it easier to boost engagement and conversions in the long run.

From there, your business can continue on its targeted growth trajectory and beyond.

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