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How to Pack Everything You Need for Your Summer Holiday in Your Hand Luggage?

by Louise W. Rice

Summer holidays are upon us and with many of us missing our vacations during the coronavirus pandemic, we are more excited than ever to hit the beach. If you want to make the most out of your holiday, use our handy guide to help you pack everything you need in your hand luggage. No more waiting at the airport when you could be laying by the pool!

Travel Paperwork

You won’t get far without your passport and ticket reservations, so make sure these are easily accessible to reduce airport stress. Print out paper copies of everything, even if you have e-tickets, just in case you lose your phone or your battery dies. It is best to be prepared!


For a beach holiday, you will be spending most of your days in swimwear, so invest in bikinis and one-pieces you feel confident in. Choose a selection of women’s swimwear, swimsuits and beachwear so you can rock a different look each day – mix and match bikinis and tankinis are great for this – and don’t forget a sarong to cover up if needed. Opt for either plain black or white to complement whatever you are wearing or a multicolored wrap for an eye-catching look. Best of all, swimwear is lightweight and small, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Capsule Wardrobe

If you’re venturing to sunny climes and plan to spend most of your holiday in swimwear, you don’t need bulky clothes. We tend to pack far more than we need ‘just in case,’ so opt for a capsule wardrobe where you can mix and match items. Day wear of shorts, skirts, and light-weight t-shirts and vests are all you need, and you only need a few of each. Buy washing detergent when you reach your destination and rinse your items out in the sink before leaving them to dry out on the balcony or deck – your clothes will dry in no time and smell fresh for a second wearing.

In hot weather, you don’t want to be wearing thick clothes for going out at night as it can still feel sticky. Choose short, floaty dresses or denim shorts and a nice top for restaurants, bars, and clubs. These versatile items won’t take up space, especially when rolled rather than folded.

Toiletries and Medicines

Reduce the amount you are taking in your luggage by buying abroad or picking up travel-sized versions of your favorite toiletries at the airport. Don’t forget any prescription medicines you will need while you are away and if sex is a possibility, take condoms. If you are serious about limiting your luggage, leave the hairdryer and straighteners at home. Embrace the natural look!

However much you plan to take with you on holiday, always make a list well in advance. You don’t want your holiday to be ruined by forgetting to pack the book you’ve been saving for the beach or plug adaptors. Have a wonderful holiday!

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