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How to Optimize Your AdWords Campaign

by Louise W. Rice

You may have heard the term AdWords before and may even have a vague idea of what it is, but have you ever wondered how to optimize your AdWords campaign so that you will get more conversions and also get the most cost-efficient clicks? This article will talk about two simple techniques that will give you an edge over your competitors. The first technique involves using the right keywords for your products or services. In contrast, the second tip involves location targeting to get your ads in front of the real intended customers and generate high conversions.

Way to Optimize AdWords Campaign

1, Test Keywords

A good campaign will have good click-through rates, which is the percentage of times your ad is showed and clicked on. The higher your click-through rate, the more traffic you will generate and the higher cost per click you will end up with. You can test your own click-through rates in Google and see which ad groups get the best click-through rate, but to do this manually, you would need to visit every group in Google and make notes on which ad groups have better click-through rates.

Ideally, the groups that will give you the best click-through rates are the ones that are related to your product or service. You should ideally test each keyword on its own to determine which ones are giving you good results and then choose those specific words that will allow you to achieve those goals.

test keywords

One good way of finding good AdWords is by using Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool, which you can access by clicking on the link at the end of this article. After installing this tool, you can start to test your keyword choices by placing a list of your favorite keywords in Google and seeing that ad groups get the best click-through rates according to your list.

2, Location Targeting

Another important aspect to consider when optimizing your ad words management is location targeting. Google and many other search engines are now focusing on location targeting, which means that when people are looking for particular products or services located in a certain area, they should get better results. Google recently launched a special filter within AdWords, which allows you to specify how users in a certain location around the world can be targeted. If your ad groups are located in countries that don’t have access to the Google filter or are not very popular, you will probably not see much change with the click-through rates.

If, however, your ad groups are very popular and can be seen in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, then you may find that your click-through rates increase dramatically. As a rule of thumb, it usually pays to target countries that have a high percentage of searches done via Google, because you can then be certain that people looking for your products or services will see your adverts.

A Few Parting Words

Hopefully, by now, you should have some idea about how to improve your click-through rates, and the importance of location targeting within AdWords. If you haven’t already started using pay-per-click advertising, you should start now, because even if it doesn’t seem like much, you are never going to make any money if you never get any traffic to your website.

You can increase your click-through rates by using display URL ads instead of actual ads, creating ads with video content, and many more options. You should always aim to provide your visitors with the best possible web browsing experience, which will increase their interest in your product/service and will ultimately increase your profits.

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