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How to Make an Essay Longer And Not to Spoil Its Quality

by Louise W. Rice

When you work on your essay completion, you may become engaged in the topic. There is always so much to say about the issue under study; so, you may fail to meet the required word count. Sometimes, making an essay brief is a difficult problem, but it is possible to realize. When you have to expand your paper without compromising its quality, you may be stuck as if you have already included everything you wished.

You may not find the words to enlarge the paper and make it focused and argumentative. If you do not know how to make an essay longer without having a negative effect on its quality, you should read this article. Our essay writing experts do not recommend explaining each sentence just to add the word count. The main purpose of the article is to give practical ideas on how to make your essay larger, meet the word count, and avoid affecting its quality.

Tips on how to expand your essay

Include Evidence

No matter what topic you discuss, you need supportive evidence to justify your consideration or argument. Even if you have already added a couple of ideas that have supported your judgments, you may always add some information from an authoritative source. You should always cite each source, and discuss how the authors of the source justify your viewpoint. Such a strategy may not only enlarge your essay but also add ground and make it more reasonable and confirmed. As a result, you may have a larger more argumentative piece of writing.

Provide Examples

Adding vivid examples to your writing is another strategy that may help you enlarge your work. Depending on the number of words you need to add, you may either list some examples without details or provide a detailed analysis of some evidence from real life to help the reader understand your theoretical part. Examples always work in all papers because when you discuss something from the theoretical perspective, the reader may lose your viewpoint.

When you provide original examples, you make the information easier for perception. You should explain the discussed phenomenon with the reference to specific objects or events. The more details you provide for your example, the longer your work may become.

Add Quotes

There are cases when you have already explained in detail the phenomenon, added examples, and still need to expand your essay. One of the easiest ways is to add a direct quote. In this case, you do not have to choose words and try to ensure that they fit your discussion. You should copy some phrases and cite them to avoid plagiarism.

When choosing a quote you need to ensure that it perfectly fits your discussion and that it is hardly possible to paraphrase it. The best quotes are those you can use in the most suitable way in your work. You should avoid copying useless things. You should try to select the words that support your discussion and can become a logical part of your paper. 

Include Counter-Arguments

Sometimes adding an opposing view may be a good and logical way to expand your paper. Opposition not only adds word count to your essay but also makes it stronger. When you add opposition, you should explain why it does not work and why your position is valid.

Thus, you create the argument to the opposing issues before the reader can develop those. This is a good strategy for the discussion of some urgent themes. Take into account that the burning topics require stronger argumentation. So, a counter-argument strategy is a good opportunity to predict some incorrect objections. 

Add Transitions

Adding transition phrases and words to your writing is a splendid opportunity to make your paper flow more logically. Adding transitions help the reader to see the connections within your work. Thus, when you add transition phrases and words, you expand your essays and help the reader to follow your thought in a clearer way. You may add value to each of your words with the help of this strategy. 

Add Images

If your final goal is not the word count but the number of actual pages covered with the content, you may add illustrations to your paper. Adding graphs, tables, and other images is an outstanding opportunity to cover some space and ensure that the final work is of the requested length. This strategy may fail to work if you have to deliver a particular word count. In this case, you may add an illustration and expand the word count by explaining why you have added it and what it shows; how it supports your discussion.

Add Description

Adding explanation and description may help you make your work longer. Each time when you have a nice chance to expand the sentence by adding more explanation, you should do it. Each term or word may be used with different adjectives that may help define it in a proper way.

Still, do not overload your paper with descriptive phrases. You need to keep balance and use this strategy as an excellent contribution to other means of expanding the essay, discussed in this article. Descriptive writing helps show your creativity and imagination as not many people are ready to add adjectives in a suitable way.

Things to Avoid: Don’t spoil your paper enlarging it

Don’t play with font and space

If you have strict guidelines on the font and spacing (12 pt Times New Romans and double spacing), you cannot make it Arial 14 or 2.5 spacing. Visually, the essay can cover the required amount of words. In case you fail to follow the required word count, your professor can lower your score for formatting.

Don’t Plagiarize

Never copy any information to increase the word count. Plagiarism is a serious violation of the rules established by many modern educational institutions. Many professors grade papers as 0 when they detect plagiarism in students’ papers. Being accused of academic dishonesty, you may lose not only the assignment but the whole class. No university tolerates plagiarism.

The paper should be a result of your work and thinking process. It should not be the result of your ability to copy and paste the information from different sources. Since each paper is included in the database, you cannot submit the same work twice.

Don’t Add Irrelevant Data

If you cannot find the word to add in your paper to make it longer, avoid adding unreliable information. If you add irrelevant information to cover the word count, the professor always notices this trick. In this case, your paper meets the word count requirement, but the grade for content will be lowered significantly.

Thus, if you have no idea how to expand your paper, check the tips provided above. We hope that some of the ideas will suit you, and you will manage to increase the number of words.


So, there are many ways of how you may expand the paper. Just follow the rules and do not try to violate the university requirements. Be wise and you will be highly graded. There is always much to talk about in any theme in the essay. Use our prompts and remain satisfied.

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