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How to Get to Grips With Slot Machines?

by Louise W. Rice

Slot machines are a favorite when it comes to casino gaming. The slot machines we use today are very different from the originals, but the aim of the game is still very much the same.

Getting to grips with any new game can be tricky and slot games are no exception. You have to learn everything from knowing the understanding of a symbol to what the odds are of you bagging a win.

We’ll be guiding you through how to get to grips with slot machines so you can play with confidence.

History of slot machines

Slot machines came into being way back in 1894 in San Francisco. It was created by the mechanic Charles August Fey and was an immediate hit with card game enthusiasts across the state.

He then went on to invent the Card Bell, which had the added bonus of immediate cash payout when the player won. This changed everything for the slot game as the winners no longer had to rely on the barman to give them a free drink as their prize.

The mechanism that Fey created continued to be used in slot machines for over a hundred years. It was only the rise of technology and online gaming that changed how slot machines worked.

Different types of slot machines

Nowadays, most of the slot machine games you’ll find online. Land-based casinos still have some of the more traditional slot games, but they’re becoming less and less frequent as the more technologically advanced games take over.

1. Classic slots

These are the online slot games that mimic the traditional machinal versions. There are three symbols in a row, and the aim of the game is to get all the same symbols in order to win.

2. Five reel slots

These are similar to the classic slot machines, but they have five symbols in a row rather than three. All you need to do is press a button and cross your fingers that you get all the same symbols and win the game!

3. Progressive slots

progressive slots

This type of slot game is slightly more complicated than the previous ones. The idea of a progressive slot game is that the more times you play, the more you can win once you reach the end. The jackpot builds progressively – hence the name.

It’s not just you playing this game, either. The progressive slot game will take on multiple players at one time, and you are all contributing to the jackpot at the end. This adds a competitive element to the game that you don’t usually get with slot games. The person who wins at the end gets to take the contributions from other players – so make sure it’s you!

Typically slot games aren’t known for their massive wins, but progressive slot games mean that the winnings can be huge. There have been some considerable wins that have taken place over the years from slot games that you can check out.

4. Virtual reality slots

The next big thing in terms of technology is virtual reality. It takes gaming up to the next level and could be coming soon to casinos.

Virtual reality casino gaming is still a relatively new phenomenon, so chances are that you haven’t experienced it yet. However, Esport arenas are becoming very popular, so it looks like they could become the next big thing in gaming.

It brings together all the ambiance and excitement of a land-based casino without actually having to visit one. You are completely immersed in the casino experience whilst still being able to play your favorite casino games. Keep an eye out for virtual reality slots in the not-too-distant future.

How to use slot machines

The aim of the slot machine game is simple – you just need all of the symbols on the machine to be the same, and you will be the winner! This is usually the appeal of slot games, as you don’t have to learn any complex rules in order to play.

There is also less of a competitive element to slot games which takes the pressure off. It can be stressful playing casino games like poker, whereas slot games allow you to relax and enjoy the game.

There are some slightly different rules for different games, but all of these will be explained in the game description. This is something to look out for when it comes to progressive slot games, as you’ll have to play for a certain number of rounds to be in with a chance at the jackpot.

In summary

Slot games are easy casino games to play with the chance of winning some extra cash. Now you’ve got the knowledge, all you need to decide is which game to play first! But only if you follow the relevant local laws and keep your budget under control. Always remember that no pie in the sky will fall.

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