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How to Create Relaxing Bedtime Beauty Routine

by Louise W. Rice

Nighttime is the best time to get more from your beauty routine. It is the time when the skin goes into repair mode and can fully absorb the nutrients of each product we apply. And as adults, it is important that we make the best out of our bedtime, so we can wake up looking fully rested, beautiful, and confident. 

While the day’s stress might make it difficult to tend to your self-care needs, you must know that creating a bedtime routine can improve the quality of your sleep and keeps you energized for your activities the next day. Whether you plan to read a book, listen to some music, relax your feet with a shiatsu leg and foot massager, or take a warm bath, including a nighttime skincare session, will take your bedtime routine up a notch.

Here are a few steps you can take for a few minutes every night if you want a relaxing bedtime beauty routine.

1. Set an Alarm

Prepare yourself for your bedtime beauty routine with an alarm. You need to start right on time, so you don’t get too tired to begin or start too late and end up losing sleep. So, set an alarm for at least 45 minutes to your desired sleep hour, so you don’t lose track of time engaging in other pre-bedtime activities – watching TV, texting, or a phone call.

2. Cleanse 

Cleansing is the most important part of your nighttime skin routine. You need to wash off all the makeup on your face before going to bed. Leaving them on all through the night will clog your pores, leaving you prone to a breakout, and cause your skin to feel dehydrated. This step is also essential for people who don’t apply makeup, as the skin produces oils that need to be washed off after a long day too to avoid having unhealthy skin.

Wash your face with a cleanser right after using makeup remover and pat dry with a microfiber face towel. To make cleansing more effective, use a facial brush for this procedure.

3. Do not skip the serum

Apply serum to give your skin the right amount of nutrients that’ll nourish and keep it healthy. Serums penetrate deep into the skin to fix damages and hyperpigmentation. So, apply right after washing your face to help improve its effectiveness.

4. Apply moisturizer

The skin naturally dries out at night and could be quicker for people with the dry skin type. Moisturizers work to counter drying and keep the skin hydrated till morning. Purchase a good nighttime cream to speed up your skin’s self-rejuvenating process. You can also apply a lip balm and drink a glass of water to feel hydrated inside out.

5. Watch what you eat

Avoid late-night snacks, especially the sugary ones. Stick to eating only healthy snacks like Greek yogurt, oatmeal, fruits, fish, and scrambled eggs. Have your snack at least 3 hours before your sleep to prevent problems with your bowel movement.


Adding a skincare session to your bedtime routine may seem like hard work at first, but you’ll get to enjoy it with time. The results are also remarkable, and you won’t see yourself quitting anytime soon.

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