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Bots In Business: How Automated Technology Is Changing Everything

by Louise W. Rice

Bots are now in business, and the switch-up has been rapid, to say the least.

The emergence of this technology has influenced many different aspects of the corporate world today. From customer service to PPC advertising, their presence is felt everywhere, and it shows no signs of letting up any time soon. Firms that are resisting all the latest and greatest developments will lose their edge against their competitors and greatly reduce their efficiency.

All that remains is to answer that one crucial question: just how are automated technologies changing everything in business?

Improved Customer Service

Chatbots have improved customer service considerably, fielding customer queries with sometimes instantaneous responses.

It is a simple fact that bots are interwoven with the fabric of many businesses today, and it is easy to see why. Firstly, they can handle customer queries that are more easily answerable, freeing up human customer service staff to tackle the more challenging conundrums customers bring to them. Secondly, their pre-programmed responses mean there is no opportunity for human error; no wait times while the staff research a matter, nor opportunities for miscommunication and rude interactions.

Ultimately, bots keep things simple when it comes to customer service. Sometimes, customers simply want a quick answer to a problem, rather than being met with a friendly but otherwise waffly staffer of a firm. In the end, this straightforward, streamlined approach to customer service keeps everything moving along comfortably.

Invalid PPC Clicks

Not everything about bots is brilliant, of course – there are more than a few drawbacks to the technology too… For example, in the Instagram growth service, customers do not want bots.

This sentiment is particularly poignant when it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) marketing strategies, where firms pay a small sum every time a digital ad of theirs gets a click from a user in cyberspace. The problem here is that competitors seek out such ads and click them into oblivion, depleting the budget of the advertising business in one fell swoop, and thus banishing them from the web.

If human hands cannot click fast enough, a bot farm steps in to fulfill that fickle function. The answer to ‘what are bot farms?’ is readily provided by ClickGUARD, who will bring readers of their data-driven content up to speed. They present a few important tips on staying safe against invalid clicks and PPC fraud too. Interestingly, a helpful bot of theirs welcomes visitors to their webpage, but they know about their ethical use.

Refined Recruitment

Recruitment used to be an arduous process for both the employer and the potential employee.

However, artificial intelligence has had a revolutionary impact on the recruitment process. For example, L’Oréal has innovatively used AI for recruitment, focusing on saving time, as well as significantly improving quality and diversity in the business. AI solutions, for them, were the best way to accelerate progress on all these challenges facing the workplace today.

AI bots better manage the volume of candidates and ensure thorough vetting procedures. Bots also analyze candidates to such a level that they may suggest applicants for interviews who are not always necessarily the obvious choice. It simply provides more insight than one worker tiredly combing through a CV and ticking boxes. It is a more dynamic hiring initiative, and that is to be valued greatly.

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