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GamCare Online Counselling: Everything About It

by Louise W. Rice

Gamcare is one of the oldest organizations of this kind. They have been with us since 1997 and their purpose is to help people with gambling problems. They provide support, additional information, and advice to all gamblers with the mentioned issue. You can use it alongside a blocking system or as an alone platform. 

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GamCare Counselling

Gamcare is a platform where all players can get counseling for free. Of course, this refers to players with gambling addiction or similar problems. First of all, the platform is free to use and it is available for all people from the United Kingdom. There are no limits of any kind. 

The first type of help you can get is online-based. For example, you can call the support team and they will help you emotionally, with your gambling issue or simply give you additional information. This method is free and they are available 24/7 every single day in a year. If you don’t like this form of help, you can use live chat. This is a more popular method today and less stressful to gamblers with addiction. The purpose is the same. You will explain your problem and get help. Live chat is also available all the time. 

A group chat is basically a variation of the live chat option. Here you can chat with other people having the same issue and find a solution, get additional help or simply hear their stories. It is one of the most appealing counseling options here and the one that has been more than just popular. Here you can also hear all kinds of stories and be with people who have the same problem. It is extremely important for gamblers and here you can share your story and help others. 

The forum is available as well. This is a bit of a different option. What this means is you can read the stories, get facts and help from other members and also get help from experts. In other words, this is the same as other forums you may have encountered. It is free to use as well and the amount of information is impressive. This option is appealing because you can explore your options and learn more about your situation. 

There are 2 more options which are a bit different. For example, if you are not ready to speak to another person, you can take a free test. At Gamcare this test is very accurate and easy to complete. The mission is to check out possible signs regarding addiction. If the test is positive, it means that you are either suffering from a gambling addiction or you are at severe risk of getting it. 

The second option here is resources. They were developed specifically so you can get help instantly and solve the problem. The page is massive and offers plenty of useful information and offers all the facts you will need to know. There is no need to tell you all of this is completely free.

Face-to-face help is available. Here we can see the same variations. For instance, you can talk to just one support person or you can have group support. This is a bit more appealing option for those having more complicated gambling issues and the ones that need the best type of help they can get. 

Gamcare is an appealing site to visit if you want to test yourself and see if you are suffering from a gambling addiction or have another issue. After that, you can use one of their counseling options and get help accordingly. You can choose between various options and all of them work well. Gamcare is the most commonly used platform of this kind in the United Kingdom and you can easily check success stories of people who used them in the past. 


Gamcare is a desirable option for all who have gambling addiction or gambling problems in general. It is free and offers plenty of options you can use right now. Of course, you can also learn how to play responsibly, recognize gambling issues and get additional details on what to do after that. 

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