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Forever Transfer Paper for T-Shirts

by Louise W. Rice

White toner printers have made it extremely easy for custom apparel companies to transfer brilliant and unique designs onto t-shirts, mugs, plastic products, coasters, wood, and scores of other items.

But any discussion on white toner printing cannot be complete without mentioning the exceptional forever transfer paper. This is an excellent quality paper and extremely essential if you want to create custom designs on apparel that do not wash, crack, or peel off.

What is White Toner Printing?

The global printing transfer paper market is expected to grow at a considerably significant growth rate of 4% from 2021 to 2029. The highly sought-after white toner printing process is significantly responsible for this tremendous growth rate.

But what is the white toner printing process?

White toner printers are versatile machines that can help you transfer spectacular designs onto mugs, coffee cups, and an incredible range of other items. They are being touted as unbeatable alternatives to sublimation procedures and traditional direct-to-apparel printing, among other custom apparel art processes.

These printers typically come in CMYW models, except for the five-color OKI pro9541WT model that includes a “K” (black) color plate. It helps users transfer designs to fabrics ranging from cotton and polyester to nylon and blended materials with ease.

Why is the Transfer Paper so Important?

This particular transfer paper is critical to the white toner printing process because it has exceptionally high quality and superior features. Therefore, it is steadily supplied for OKI 711WT, OKI 8432WT, and OKI 9541WT model printers. It enables users to transfer beautiful logos, images, and other pictures onto numerous media and materials without any hassles.

The paper eliminates the process of weeding, saving you time, energy, and money. It is specifically designed to generate superior quality full-color images and has unique features. Some of the top ones are given below.

  • It is ergonomic and super easy to use, making the transfer process incredibly convenient even for amateur apparel decorators.
  • The designs transferred using this extraordinary paper last for a very long time and did not peel away easily even after plenty of washes.
  • The forever dark transfer paper is perfect for black-colored t-shirts and other apparel, ensuring the images are clear and brilliant to look at. Moreover, you can use this transfer paper to make custom tote bags, mugs, and a wide range of other items.
  • The paper’s excellent texture is highly important for the white toner printing process. Otherwise, it impacts the process, causing the colors to peel right off the clothes or fade away quickly.
  • Laser transfer paper is the perfect choice if you wish to print exact images or photographs onto a surface. Also, it is a much cheaper and quicker way of doing so.
  • Although you may need to use different temperatures, the transfer paper can be used on a wide variety of materials. These include cotton, silk, wood, metal, paper, nylon, leather, polyester, hard book covers, denim, and blended textiles.
  • It uses a convenient two-step process wherein you will initially print the design on the A-foil of the transfer paper. Then, you have to heat-press the foil with the design onto the B-sheet. Once these steps are done, you simply need to peel the paper, and the design is ready to be transferred to any media of your choice.
  • The incredible transfer paper is versatile in nature, enabling you to create and transfer colorful images and sophisticated graphics onto different colored apparel. It is also very low maintenance, saving you finances in the long run.

What Printers Does the Transfer Paper Work in?

A fundamental fact of the forever transfer paper is that it cannot be paired with just any inkjet printer. Its special design makes it compatible with LED white toner printers.

But while the transfer paper may work well enough with several generic printer models, it works exceptionally well with certain popular brands of printers. They are listed as follows.

  • DigitalHeat FX 8432

This model is arguably among the most sought-after white toner print machines in the world, enabling you to use a paper 11″x17″ in size. Apparel designers can now print multiple intricate designs in white onto dark surfaces without any issues. All in all, this model is a reasonable and intelligent investment, especially for beginners hoping to make a successful entry into the apparel decorating industry.

  • DigitalHeat FX 9541

This model, also popularly referred to as the OKI pro9541WT, is highly compatible with the forever laser dark paper. The 13″ x19″ printer may be among the costliest models in recent years, but it is worth the money. That’s because the machine is a five-color model, including a black toner.

  • DigitalHeat FX i560

This printer is an upgrade of the i550 model and can do more than just the typical t-shirt transfer. It comes with a print optimizer that enables more oversized prints, fluorescent transfers, and a glitter option, among other things. The printer also has a glow-in-the-dark neon transfer option which looks absolutely breathtaking on dark-colored t-shirts. All of this is made effortlessly possible by the forever paper.

  • DigitalHeat FX i650

This good-quality UniNet printer allows you to swap toners with incredible ease. It is similar to the OKI 8432WT model in many ways, making it the perfect choice for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and individual apparel decorators. Even those hoping to create and sell custom T-shirts from the comfort of their homes will find it easy to use this printer.


Forever paper is undoubtedly an indispensable tool to white toner printing with these many unmatched benefits. It does not involve cutting or weeding and is super soft to the touch. Furthermore, it has a high washability factor that compels people to give it an honest try.

Most often, even first-time users are able to create unique designs and transfer them successfully. The brilliant, vibrant colors are pleasing to the eye, and as a bonus, there is no unwanted residue in the garment background.

If you want to be sure about the quality, ensure to buy the transfer paper from a reputable, reliable, licensed seller. That’s because only legitimate dealers will offer guarantees on their products, besides providing step-by-step guidance on how to use them.

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