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Exploring the Different Forms of CBD: Which Products Are the Best for Your Needs?

by Louise W. Rice

Cannabidiol (CBD) products have become increasingly popular and easily available in recent times. For anyone considering them, it can be a bit confusing to figure out which products are suitable for the needs they have. More so when a basic search provides so many different results. This is a short guide that will help in understanding what CBD is, and the basic options in the market and hopefully narrow it down to what will work best for your situation.

What is CBD?

CBD is an active compound harnessed from the cannabis plant. It however does not make you high in the absence of the THC compound. Hemp-derived CBD products that have less than a 0.3% THC content are federally legal, but may still be illegal in some states. It is important to check on this before making any purchase.

Research has shown that CBD can have many therapeutic properties for a variety of health conditions. These effects can include being:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-seizure
  • pain-relieving
  • anti-anxiety
  • sedative

CBD products are also available in three forms:

  1. Full Spectrum – this form of CBD offers all the components of the cannabis plant. This includes the THC that is however kept below 0.3% to adhere to federal standards.
  2. Broad Spectrum – these CBD products will have all the components of the cannabis plant, but will exclude any THC content.
  3. CBD Isolate – these products are purely CBD, excluding all other components of the cannabis plant.

Thus far, the FDA has only approved one CBD medication for use in the treatment of certain forms of epilepsy. The CBD products that you will find in the market are over-the-counter products that will require some research on the part of the consumer to figure out if they are suitable for them. It is advisable to look into the production and reputation of the CBD company they buy from and how different products work.

Forms of CBD:

1.   Edible Gummies and Cookies

Edible gummies and cookies offer an easily enjoyable food form way to consume CBD. They are highly popular for being discreet and tasty, especially when sugar is used to help mask the somewhat harsh taste of CBD. They can be infused, dipped, or sprayed with CBD. It often takes a while for the compound to be absorbed once ingested, meaning you need to be patient to feel the edible effects. Edibles are a good option for beginners who should start out slow to get a feel of the potency and figure out how much to be consuming.

2.   Capsules and Pills

You can orally ingest capsules and pills much the same way as any other medication. The biggest benefit of this form of CBD product is that the dosage tends to be more accurate. When you have a clearer understanding of the potency and dosage of your CBD product, you can better monitor the effects of your consumption and work out what amount works best for you. These products often come in hemp-derived full and broad spectrum variations. They can also sometimes be blended with other ingredients for certain health benefits. This option is also preferable for those that want to avoid the bitter taste of CBD. The absorption rate may vary based on such factors as if you have had something else to eat.

3.   Oils and Tinctures

Oils and tinctures are often made with a glycerin, alcohol, or oil base and can be found in a variety of flavors and strengths. They are typically ingested sublingually by placing a few drops on or underneath the tongue, or around the cheek area. This kind of ingestion often allows for faster absorption into the bloodstream but can be uncomfortable for people that do not like the taste of CBD. In such cases, one may opt to add them to food or drink instead.

4.   CBD Sublingual Spray

Though less available, this is another good option for beginners as most sprays tend to have a weak potency and come in different flavors. These products usually recommend 2-3 sprays into the mouth. The dosage can often be more easily managed this way than when using a dropper. The absorption rate is quick thanks to the rich capillary network under the mucous membranes in the mouth.


Whichever form of CBD you choose to partake, ensure that you source from a reputable CBD company that utilizes third-party tests and lab results. They should also offer ample information on ingredients used so you can make an informed choice. You can also seek advice from your doctor, especially if you are already on other medication to avoid risky drug interactions or side effects.

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