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Domain Name Spoofing And Phishing: How to Prevent And Protect Your Brand?

by Louise W. Rice

Buying a domain name and starting a business on the Internet is a great idea. However, it is important to understand that there is little that can stop online attackers. They create phishing sites, fake individual pages, lure away the target audience, and steal their data and money. All this negatively affects the brand’s reputation. Domain counterfeits occur regularly. From the experts get.it.com, There are several recommendations on how to protect your business. Key tips are presented below in this material.

How to spot a phishing site?

One of the most common types of Internet crimes now is phishing. Moreover, this method of attack is also the cheapest. The goal is to deceive the user with a similar platform so that he leaves his personal data and provides access to a bank card, login, and password.

The phishing platform usually differs by just one or a few letters in the address. Visually, the pages are absolutely identical to the original. Therefore, it is necessary to be as careful as possible.

It is also recommended to consider the following points:

  • lack of contacts;
  • indication of a non-existent legal address;
  • incorrect phone number or email address;
  • lack of certificates and licenses;
  • insufficient development of design and engineering.

To block a phishing site, you can contact your domain registrar and send a request, reporting a violation.

What do you need to know about domain spoofing and phishing?

If the resource offers freedomain, then there is a high probability that it creates a large amount of phishing. Typically, such portals counterfeit well-known services that sell tickets and provide financial services. The domain zones are little-known, but rarely do potential victims usually look at the end of the address.

Illegal activity by criminals often comes to the .com domain zone. This is more than 50%, according to current statistics. Therefore, it is worth considering registering a domain for a company on another hosting. This way, you will be able to protect yourself from similar platforms, hacking, and fraud.

Also, fraudulent portals are actively blocked, and this is often done by disabling the entire registrar. There is a chance that if someone chooses free hosting, they will simply lose access to the site over time, even if it is honest and reliable. That’s why you always need to look at reputation, and reviews and make preliminary conclusions.

Benefits of get.it.com

Domain name registrar get.it.com is completely safe and official. Although it appeared relatively recently, it offers a free database and has many high ratings and positive reviews. Also, scammers mainly copy large and very well-known domains. So, this is another option on how to protect the resource from theft.

Reasons to choose this registrar:

  • specialized niche;
  • big choice;
  • acceptable prices;
  • favorable and transparent terms of cooperation.

Representatives of the information technology sector especially often stop at get.it.com, since it is already clear from the domain what direction the platform belongs to. This is very convenient and contributes to high-quality and successful SEO promotion.

How to protect your domain from phishing?

Even a cheap domain name can be protected if you choose a trusted registrar that blocks intruders almost immediately. It is also worth considering that when copyright is imposed on a site, fraudsters are less likely to want to create a similar resource, since it is easier for them to be involved in legal proceedings.

It is recommended to regularly monitor and look for similar portals. If they match the signs of phishing, then you should request their removal.

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