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Daniel Toce Biography: Age, Criminal Life, and Family

by Louise W. Rice

More than 4.6 million American viewers are avid followers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In case you’re one of them, you’ve certainly heard of Kim Zolciak-Biermann, who was on the show for more than 106 episodes.

As such, it’s safe to assume that you’ve also come across the name of her ex-husband, Daniel Toce, whom she briefly married for two years before the reality show star filed for divorce.

Whether you know of Daniel Toce or not, this quick guide on Toce’s biography will answer any questions you may have about this criminal.

Who Is Daniel Toce?

Daniel Toce didn’t make a name for himself until he married the real housewife, Kim Biermann. Although their marriage was short, the spotlight kept following Toce for a while.

Since his prison release in 2021, following a decade or less of being imprisoned, the public hasn’t learned more about Toce—and for a good reason.

I go through what horrible acts he committed to get himself imprisoned later, but let’s explore Toce’s life a little first.

Personal Life

Born on July 7th, 1973, Daniel Toce belongs to the Cancer sign and as of 2022, he’s 49 years old. His hometown is Waterford, Connecticut, and it’s where he spent the majority of his childhood and upbringing.

Toce identifies as American, despite having an ethnic heritage in his bloodline. Not much is known about his family and parents though, as he’s kept that information private—despite his brief time in the spotlight.

Additionally, Toce was married once before he got hitched to Kim Biermann. His first wife, Kimberly, has remained unknown until now.

After their divorce, Daniel married Kim Biermann after a hasty relationship. Their marriage was quick to end after that because Kim asked for a divorce during the first few months of being with Toce.


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Toce attempted to remarry for the third time after Kim. He stayed with his last and third wife, Mary, for eight years, before she divorced him and he was imprisoned in 2012.

Career Path and Education

Daniel Toce’s working life and skill sets haven’t been expressed explicitly. All that’s known is that he’s a high school graduate who doesn’t carry a college degree.

Plus, since he spent a decade in prison, it’s no wonder he doesn’t have a career to pursue. Toce has remained grounded ever since his release and has had no contact with his ex-wives or daughter, Arianna Biermann.

Net Worth

It’s estimated that Daniel Toce’s net worth roughly stands at a solid six figures as of 2022. The number approximately translates to $1.5 million dollars.

Because not much is public about what Toce does or how he earns his income, it’s believed that his high net worth simply came from his short marriage to a big reality show star such as Kim Biermann.

What Was Daniel Toce Convicted Of?

Daniel Toce has always had an adulterous and incriminating past. He doesn’t have a clean record and was arrested on multiple charges of robbery, disorderly conduct, and drug abuse.

In fact, the reason why Kim Biermann divorced him after only two or three months of ‘blissful’ newlywed life, was because she found out about him cheating on her with various women.

The decision was indeed hard on Kim at the time as she was already eight months pregnant with Arianna, the one and only child of Daniel’s—who doubted Ari was even his.

Toce’s evil ways didn’t stop there, however. His third marriage to Mary, who had a daughter of her own named Brielle, would bring about his downfall.

That’s because Daniel Toce would end up having nonconsensual sexual relations with his underage stepdaughter for more than a few years. On one occasion, he impregnated her and she had to have an abortion on her own.

Once Brielle came forward as a victim of rape and child abuse, Toce was sentenced to behind bars in the MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution.


Daniel Toce, as it turns out, isn’t the best celebrity partner to have his name be known to the public. Following his messy past and sexual offenses, I doubt you’ve enjoyed learning about him. Either way, now you know who Daniel Toce is and why his three marriages failed.

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