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3 Reasons College Students Should Tutor Younger Kids

by Louise W. Rice

Nowadays, college students are more and more frequently opting for tutoring jobs, and in a lot of cases, this is often preferred by both the kids and the parents to having a tutor who is a fully grown adult. Whilst tutoring is about teaching content and material, there are also other important elements to teaching that aren’t considered as much, and in some cases, college students are better placed to do the job.

Here are just a couple of the reasons why college students can make great tutors and why kids often prefer them.

1. They Are Relatable

College students are much closer in age to younger kids than adults are, so the kids will be likely to relate to them much more. This can keep the kids much more focused, particularly since kids are known to not have great concentration levels a lot of the time.

As well as being a tutor, college students can act more like a friend than adults will be able to, and the kids will be more likely to open up to them about any academic problems they are having. This will have a benefit on the kids since the tutor will be able to get to the root of the problem more efficiently and will be able to help them improve academically.

2. They Know The Most Up-To-Date Ways Of Teaching

Another benefit of being close in age to kids is that college students will know about the recent ways of teaching much more than a 40-year-old would. Teaching methods change and adapt all the time, and if you are teaching a kid in a way that is outdated, this will probably only lead to confusion. College students will be able to grasp what the kid can and can’t understand far more easily.

Moreover, it will be more convenient for both kids and students to take their lessons online, as there are a lot of tutoring marketplaces, like Cambly, Preply, Wyzant, TutorOcean, and others, where college students tutors can teach the kids, also available as an online GCSE English tutor.

Furthermore, college students only left school very recently so they know what it is like to have to learn concepts that are unfamiliar to them, and for this reason, they may be more patient when a kid doesn’t understand.

Having someone much older teaching you can be quite intimidating, so they will probably feel much more comfortable if they know that somebody else has recently had to face the same barriers as them. When helping a kid with a CAT (cognitive ability test), it is much better for a younger person to help them through the answers, so they know what to expect – especially as the college student may have done one fairly recently.

3. They Will Be Admired By The Kids

Another important reason why it is good for college students to teach younger kids is that the kid will look up to the college student massively. Kids often perceive teenagers or young adults as being really cool, so if they have this perception of you then it is likely that they will want to impress you.

Therefore, their behavior will probably be on top form all of the time. As well as this, they will be keen to get all of the answers right and show you that they have been doing all of their work efficiently, so they will put a lot of effort in.

When you have a good relationship with your pupil, this will help you as well as them. Not only will they learn a lot more, but you will also get a lot of satisfaction from teaching them, as you will feel pleased with your own efforts.

If you are considering getting a tutor, definitely consider looking for a college student before you look for an adult. This will appeal to your child and will make them much more willing to learn, which is the most important thing. As an adult, you often feel quite responsible for your kid’s success, so this is a great way to ensure they are progressing forward academically.

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