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Hit The Road: Best Places To Go On A Jeep Tour

by Louise W. Rice

When we think about a car ride with friends, something pleasant and exciting always comes to our mind, loud music, beautiful landscapes outside the window, and new experiences that we share together. But no trip can be compared to a jeep ride on rocky and scenic routes, where you can’t get by driving a classic hatchback or sedan. Jeep travel very often takes place on the wild roads. It is a great way to get a closer look at nature and get maximum extreme emotions. We want to share with you the best places all over the world to travel by jeep.

1. UAE, Dubai

Jeep safari in the UAE is a world-known entertainment, which is considered to be a must-visit during a vacation in this country. The landscape of the UAE is unique because of its hot and dry climate, where one of the biggest deserts, Rub’ al Khali, is situated. The desert makes it a perfect place to go on a jeep tour. At the same time, fans of extreme driving get a rush of adrenaline, and romantics definitely appreciate the picturesque sunset in the desert. For sure, the number of excursions with a personal driver is immense, but what a pleasure to ride a jeep in the desert on your own.

For the lovers of freedom, car rental services provide a great variety of cars to rent. You could easily find a jeep for rent in Dubai and hit the road. The advantages are obvious, rather than having a car only during the excursion you could rent it for any time you’d like and be completely mobile and free in the city too, the safety of the cars is provided as well as gorgeous views of the city.


2. Mexico, Baja

In Mexico, it is worth visiting the Baja Peninsula. Baja is much more than just beautiful beaches. A jeep ride not only gives you the opportunity to enjoy the coastal views, but also to go on an off-road trip through the desert and mountains. The Baja Peninsula is washed by the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California.

On the peninsula, locals often hold jeep rally races on the wild roads. But you can get around these places without sporting events. During the auto tour, you can sunbathe on the beach with azure water and the world’s second largest coral reef or go on a scenic fishing trip. A jeep safari through the tropical jungle to Laguna Negra Lake awaits you.

3. The USA and Canada

America is a paradise for motorists. The famous Route 66 has been attracting the attention of road travel enthusiasts for many decades. Off-road tours take place in these two countries’ national parks and nature reserves. Each trip certainly includes numerous excursions along canyons, rivers, waterfalls and deserts.

You can safely go on a jeep trip for several weeks and definitely will not get bored. In a couple of weeks, you can visit several climatic zones. Here you are in a hot desert and in 4 hours, you are surrounded by snowy mountains and ice-covered lakes.

route 66

4. Iceland, South Coast

Active volcanoes, thermal springs, ice caves, icebergs, the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in Europe – all this you can see on a trip to Iceland. The southern coast is a place of Iceland’s most famous landscapes, particularly black sand beaches and waterfalls.

In order to have time to see as much as possible, it is worth planning a trip by choosing the right car rental in Iceland to drive along one of the most popular routes in the country. It runs along the main highway, the so-called ring road – Highway No. 1. This is a great route that allows you to see almost all regions of Iceland.

iceland south coast

5. Thailand, Koh Samui

The Jeep Safari excursion to Koh Samui is extremely popular, thanks to the breathtaking adventure and the opportunity to explore the surrounding nature. During the trip, you experience ride-along rocky roads with scenic wildlife, you probably could catch Zen in one of the Buddhist temples on the island. The roads on the island are quite good, some of them are paved, and others are made of concrete slabs. In flat areas, you can accelerate to a decent speed. Riding on a mountain serpentine is slightly slower, but there are many more thrills.

Enjoy the best view of the wild roads during an exciting adventure that is sure to be the highlight of your memories. For the best experience, take the time to visit one of these places around the world for a jeep tour.

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