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Best Live Streaming Services for Cord Cutters

by Louise W. Rice

When it comes to watching live channels, there is no better way to watch than subscribing to cable TV. With so many things to offer, cable TV is the best way to get a dose of entertainment. Whether you want to watch live tournaments of international teams or pass the time on some comedy flicks, cable services offer a decent channel lineup.

Cable TV is an ideal choice for small to big households. However, the biggest concern that low-income families often face is its monthly cost. Although most of them offer a good price for new customers, things can turn out to be extra costly after a year or two.

That is why most people are cutting the cord and moving to stream service. Moving to a streaming service requires high-speed internet, which is easy to get hands-on if you try Spectrum internet.

Moving to stream service most likely would offer you a huge collection of dramas, movies, and TV series. But if you are looking for live channels, you might not be able to find any reliable ones. Not to worry, because we are going to reveal some of the best live streaming services for cord-cutters to keep them hooked to their favorite channels without paying much. Let’s get started.

YouTube TV

When it comes to watching basic cable channels or live broadcasts, there is no better option than to subscribe to YouTube TV. It is the best streaming service of 2021, offering plenty of channels, including news, sports, entertainment, and much more. The channel count you will be getting with YouTube TV is 85, which is not a bad choice if you are moving to stream services. Some of the popular channel lineups include Nick Jr. HGTV, Food Network, NBC Sports, and ESPN.

If you subscribe to YouTube TV, you will be allowed to stream on three different devices. Also, you will be able to create six different profiles. Moreover, if you are not available at a time when the program is being aired, you can also record for free with DVR.

Hulu + Live TV

What’s better than having a streaming service both recorded and live on your television. If you are looking for a unique combination, then Hulu + Live TV is a great combination to go for. The on-demand library and live channels make it unique from others.

The monthly subscription costs you only $64.99 per month and offers access to more than 75 channels, including sports channels and local networks. Apart from a huge channel lineup, you will also get 50 hours of cloud DVR service to record your favorite shows, along with streaming access on two screens.

Hulu + Live TV offers you a 7-day trial so that you can test and try the service without wasting your money. If you want to add more to it, you can also get ESPN+ and Disney+ in a special bundle. If you wish to add HBO Max to your channel lineup, then you need to pay an extra $14.99 per month.


FuboTV is another great addition to your list if you are looking forward to cord-cutting. For merely $64.99 per month, you will be getting live sports streaming along with 100+ channels on the list. Cord cutters are always complaining about not being able to watch live channels, including sports, entertainment, and news channels. However, with FuboTV, sports fanatics would be delighted to have ESPN, NFL Network, and college sports channel.

The platform supports up to three streams along with 250 hours of DVR storage. If you want to add other options as well to the existing ones, you can add $33 per month to your bill, which will allow you to watch Spanish programming.

In addition, you can have up to 1000 hours of DVR storage along with unlimited simultaneous streams at $79.99 per month.

Summing Up

Streaming services are gaining popularity but with the cost of excluding so many channels that cable TV subscriptions offer. However, with the aforementioned streaming platforms, you will get the chance to watch live TV shows and programming without worrying about contractual obligations and a hike in monthly fees after a year. So get yourself hooked to these streaming platforms and watch everything you wish to.

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