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The Best Gemstones For Your Engagement And Wedding Rings

by Louise W. Rice

Gemstones are a unique, beautiful, and increasingly popular choice for engagement rings. In fact, 10% of couples opted for a precious-stone engagement ring as an alternative to diamonds in 2019 as Business Wire reports. In particular, sapphire and morganite are two of the most popular stones (after diamonds) chosen by 19% and 12% of couples respectively. If you’re considering a gemstone engagement or wedding ring, there are a number of striking and colorful varieties to choose from.

Emerald Solitaire

A popular choice for engagement rings, emerald is a brilliant green precious gemstone; it’s thought to symbolize unwavering love and loyalty for the wearer. When it comes to the style of an emerald ring, you can’t go wrong with a simple and classic solitaire: this consists of a single beautiful emerald with a platinum or white gold band (these metals complement the emerald’s deep hue beautifully).

While the beauty of an emerald solitaire ring is understated compared to other complex gemstone combinations, you could also choose to add accent diamonds to maximize the amount of sparkle.

Pink Morganite

Sparkling pink morganite is a fun alternative to traditional diamond rings. It’s a semi-precious stone in the beryl family, and it’s related to other beautiful stones like aquamarine and emerald. Morganite can differ in hues, ranging from peachy-pink to salmon, and from orange to coral.

If you want a glamorous engagement ring, opt for a diamond halo surrounding a morganite center stone. Sparkling pavé diamonds can create a striking scalloped edge to really make your ring pop. Or if the understanding of marriage is evolution and rebirth, then you can look at the butterfly ring.

Alternatively, an emerald cut makes a great alternative to typical round or cushion cut morganite rings. Flanking the stone with two baguette diamonds results in a simple and elegant ring. Incorporating pink morganite into your wedding band will complement your engagement ring perfectly.

Ruby Red

While ruby may not be an obvious choice for an engagement ring, this stunning precious gem historically represents love, passion and courage. Rubies come in various beautiful shades of red, including blood-red (namely, Pigeon’s Blood and Burmese rubies), cherry red, and reddish-brown. Yellow and rose gold settings work particularly well with rubies.

When it comes to cut, a pear-cut ruby is a unique choice, and it also slims and lengthens the finger. Add a diamond halo and pavé band for extra sparkle.

Gemstones are a colorful, unique and beautiful ring option. Emerald, morganite and ruby, in particular, are three of the best gemstone options bound to make any engagement ring stand out, and all three can be included in your wedding band to create a stunning combination after your wedding day.

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