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The Best Equestrian Blogs For You to Read in 2021

by Louise W. Rice

Whether you’re keen to read up on some breeding information or simply want to unlock some tips around showjumping, eventing and dressage, the internet can be a popular option for equestrian lovers. Not only is there plenty of information to access, but it’s easily accessible and can provide a range of benefits.

In the days before the internet, though, this relative niche activity was fairly hard to learn about. Most of the information could only be obtained from someone in the know, perhaps at a horse show or a local riding school. These days, thanks to the introduction of the internet, there is a wealth of knowledge to access for people interested in all things horses.

Betting and casino sites have always been a fantastic resource for those who love to bet on horses, with a surprising amount of objective information on the sport of kings. You might visit these sites to play some live blackjack or bet on the races, but there are blogs and info guides that can help your knowledge of horses and horse racing.

Then there are blogs that tend to be produced by experts in the field with a range of knowledge in this specific area. In fact, equestrian blogs have been popping up on a more regular basis as interest in both recreational and competitive riding continues to grow.

With that in mind, here is a look at some of the best equestrian blogs for you to read at the moment.

Horse Network

Described as a “digital platform for impassioned horse lovers”, Horse Network offers a range of interesting content. Users of the site can access videos, immersive articles, and useful views on the likes of health and horsemanship, and the equestrian lifestyle. Horse Network offers the occasional bit of comical value, too.

equestrian lifestyle

Horse & Hound 

For expert advice and a range of interesting and diverse insights, Horse & Hound is the go-to option for many people. With detailed opinions from top riders and equestrian personalities, this particular site is trusted and features hugely beneficial information from the equestrian world. The site even has its very own talking horse called Hovis, who is behind a few books which have gone some way to helping fund welfare charities and a range of other useful horse-related initiatives.


If you’re ever in need of some riding gear, then SmartPak is a viable option. Championing both happy riders and happy horses, the website offers a range of products that can come in handy. There is also a comprehensive selection of news and blogs to tuck into a range of important aspects within this particular arena. Whether you want to learn about prepping a barn or require some apparel, SmartPak most definitely has you covered.


BloodHorse has been a popular resource for professionals and racing enthusiasts for a while now. With a diverse range of helpful information on the likes of breeding, racing news, and a whole lot more, it’s a fantastic option for owners, breeders, trainers, and racing fanatics. For international thoroughbred news and analysis, BloodHorse’s offering is hard to beat.

Eventing Nation

Specializing in eventing news, Eventing Nation is a fantastic option for the equestrian community. The website is made up of an eclectic mix of eventing enthusiasts from all around the world and offers detailed insight into all things equestrian. Eventing Nation is a trusted source with a large community behind it and serves up a range of beneficial information for riders and horses alike.

Other equestrian blogs worth checking out are Horse And Man, Horses & Heels, Equestrian Adventuresses, Horsey Hooves, Horse and Rider, and Budget Equestrian.

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