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The 7 Best Chess Sets of 2021

by Louise W. Rice

When preparing a list of OG board games, it will be incomplete if you fail to include chess. The game is more than 1500 years old. It was the Roman Empire’s leisure time hobby. Since then the chessboards and sets have been undergoing an extensive transformation. Modern chess sets come with enhanced functionalities. This aspect makes the game amazing and enjoyable.

Some chess sets have basic features and pieces while others come with add-ons. The add-ons help you to improve your chess skills and take part in tournaments. But which chess sets should you consider? Here are the 7 best chess sets of 2021:

1. Digital Electronic Chess Set

Digitization is the new face in every sphere. Chess is no different. The traditional chess set is ushering in a modernized one. Digital electronic (DGT) chess set is the real deal when it comes to playing chess in 2021. 

This set features a powerful, stylistic, and functional chess package. It helps you record, store, retrieve, and analyze your games. Some even have tutorial mode. However, you need to dig deeper in your pocket to own one. 

2. Wall Chess set

Are you a wall chess lover? A Wall chess set is the perfect idea for you. This package comes with a perfect design that allows you to hang it on the wall vertically. The pieces have a locking meaning they will stay in place whenever you make a move. Also, you have a chance to continue where you left thanks to the special marker.

3. Umbra Wobble Chess Set

If you are a style lover, you can get a chess set that matches it. Umbra Wobble set comes with a unique concave design. The chess set is a good idea for use at home or on social joins. 

4. Chess Armory 15″ Wooden Chess Set

Having a spacious and large chess board is key to enhancing the gaming experience. The Chess Armory chess set fulfills this desire. It features wooden pieces and a chessboard with storage space. So, you do not have to worry about misplacing pieces.   

5. No Stress Chess set

Are you a beginner looking to become a master within a short duration? Having the right chess set fit for your skills level is not optional. No Stress chess set becomes the best idea for beginners. It is simple and easy to use. 

The chess set comes with a deck of cards with information on how to move each piece. It also has an introduction guide featuring strategies and planning ideas. So, it is an amazing option for you if you want to join the chess players club.

6. Amerous Magnetic Wooden Chess Set

Amerous chess set is another good idea for beginners. It features a unique design that makes it attractive. The set comes with extra pieces that you can use to train a kid or colleague. If you want to play on the goal, Amerous set should be your consideration. The set is highly portable thanks to its lightweight. 

7. Personalized Fancy Chess Set

No doubt personalization is the driving power in the modern market. When looking for a chess set, you want one that reflects your personality. A personalized Fancy set is a nice idea for chess pros. 

You have a chance to choose a personalized set featuring your name and other personal aspects you may desire. Also, it has a unique design and is handcrafted giving you the best experience ever.

Wrapping up

In a word, a perfect chess set is a heartbeat of enjoying your game. The above list provides you with a choice. So, if you are looking on becoming a chess pro in 2021, consider one of the chess sets above that aligns with your skills level.

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